This Friday in Food.

Today has been a really lovely day. Apart from a few dizzy patches I’ve felt great and I’ve done lots and even been sociable 😉

I started out my day, after an indulgent little lie-in till 9am, with a buttery wholemeal English muffin.

Truly delicious, the taste reminds me of being home when English muffins were an afternoon treat, shared together around the kitchen table. The melted butter really makes the taste factor here.

The first part of my day was very snacky as I have a seminar at 12 and then a seminar at 2pm so lunch can’t be eaten at home. This apple yogurt was just amazing. So creamy and luxurious. I have a banana flavour and a hazelnut flavour of these yogurts in my fridge, I’m extremely looking forward to trying them!

My lunch in the cafe in between seminars. I love getting lunch on a Friday and having the hour in between my seminars to read. It’s uninterrupted and it’s the perfect little gap.

This afternoon I met my lovely lovely friend Kathryn for some shopping and halfway through we decided to stop for smoothies. This beauty is a strawberry and vanilla smoothie and it was so good, I could drink another one now and many more tomorrow. It had such a wonderfully fresh flavour, a smooth texture with the occasional piece of ice and it just tasted divine.

We spent a long time in town, we even went for a drink. First sip of alcohol I’ve had since being back at uni this term! What kind of student am I huh??

What could be better really? I think the day has been made even sweeter by the knowledge that in a week I’m going home again for the weekend and that on the Monday after that Tom is coming to stay 🙂

My weekend is looking pretty good too, I have absolutely no plans other than to go to the gym sometime tomorrow and mass on Sunday. Being this free means that I can read, I can catch up on work, I can cook, I can watch the programs I’ve missed this week, I can read all of your blogs, I can browse fashion and beauty blogs for all of the things I wish I could buy and I can find new free (or very cheap) books for my kindle… Perfect.

What are your plans for the weekend?
Have you got anything special to look forward to in the next few weeks?
What’s the most delicious thing you’ve eaten lately?


Tales from a Tuesday.

Just yesterday I was reading the beautiful Jenny’s blog post about the fact that you should avoid talking about the weather incessantly in your blog posts. I think she is quite right, I mean, talking about the weather is one of those stereotypical ‘small talk’ things to do.

Except for today, truly, it was a GORGEOUS day outside. So you’ll have to excuse me just this once, sorry lovely!

(By the way, it is a really interesting and well thought out post, so I’d definitely recommend you check it out.)

This morning I had plans to go to the gym upon waking up. I’d even spent time visualising the process the night before just before going to sleep to really plant the idea in my mind. However, I woke up still feeling pretty tired so I decided to give myself an extra couple of hours in bed to be lazy and read. Shame is proving to be a really intriguing book, I’m still not sure how I feel about it.

Breakfast was the usual sort of bowl:

I wonder if I’ll ever change my breakfast preferences? Having said that, yesterday I decided to buy some wholemeal English muffins and I do love a good English muffin with melted butter to start off my day!

I’m glad I left the gym for a bit though, because by about 10.30am I was feeling much better and definitely ready to tackle a good cardio workout head on.

I grabbed all of my gear together, including this month’s copy of Women’s Fitness which I have delivered home and I picked up this weekend. I don’t read magazines that often, although Women’s Fitness and my mum’s Easy Living are my weaknesses (she gave me last month’s copy to bring back with me), but I do love having one with me on the cardio machines at the gym. Whilst I know some people say it distracts them too much and they don’t work hard enough, I don’t find that happens with me and it really does make the time fly by!

20 minutes on the stationary bike, 5 of warming up, then 15 high resistance, followed by 15 minutes of hill inclines on the elliptical (seriously tough – resistance 60 at the top anybody?), and finished off with a 5 minute cool down back on the stationary bike. Let me tell you, I was sweaty and pink-faced by the end of it!

It felt really good though, I made sure to stretch out properly and then took a leisurely cycle back to my flat. There were so many beautiful daffodils and crocuses blooming all over campus which was just lovely. Speaking of which, look what I treated myself to yesterday:

Aren’t they pretty? Only a £1 at Sainsbury’s, I couldn’t resist. I think they brighten up my bedroom beautifully 🙂

Busy times after the gym! I dashed off (sweaty gym clothes and all) to the laudrette’s to put a load of sheets in, dashed back to shower and wash my hair, then dashed back again to pick up my laundry and then back to my room a final time to hang it up to dry in my bedroom. Why do I dry it in my bedroom you ask? Because I don’t want to have to spend an extra £1 on the tumble-drier. I’d rather spend it on daffodils.

After that palaver I finally got to put some food in my, by this point starving, stomach!

I decided to whip up a smoothie as I haven’t had any in a while (isn’t my life exciting?). Skim milk for its muscle rejuvenating properties, a small frozen banana for a boost in energy, frozen raspberries, a stick of celery and half an avocado. A good mix of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and healthy fats.

Seriously why have I never put avocado in a smoothie before?? It makes it so deliciously smooth and creamy! It barely affects the flavour either in case you were worried.


After an afternoon drama seminar I came back, read more of Shame, did some prep work and ate dinner in front of Come Dine with Me.

Now I’m going to get ready for bed, I’ve got a 9am start tomorrow and a doctor’s appointment at noon – wish me luck!

How are your weeks shaping up?
Are you enjoying lovely weather too?
Any big flower lovers out there?

Lastly, avocado in smoothies – are you a fan?

Oh the weather outside is frightful.


Seriously it’s horrible out there today!

And as luck would have it I just had to traipse to a lecture halfway across campus, boo! 😦

To be honest, the weather today reflects my mood but I don’t want to bore everyone with my moaning so instead I’m going to be full of positivity in this post!

I can’t believe it’s already the 8th December, the time is flying by (not that I’m complaining). Christmas is approaching and that alone is enough to warm my heart. In case it wasn’t already obvious, it’s by far my favourite time of the year 🙂


Doesn’t that pancake look delicious? I met with Natalie yesterday for lunch (a lovely girl I know from back home) and she introduced me to the wonders of the campus smoothie bar which also sells really quite tasty pancakes. I chose ham and cheese as I was feeling the savoury and got a “berry booster” – yum!

Good food always cheers me up 😛

Something else that always cheers me up? Coffee. Or pretend coffee as the friend I went to the cafe called it! I got a rather scrumptious hazelnut and cinnamon latte (who knew those two flavours mixed so well?) and a slice of banana cake which was equally tasty. I do love cafes! I love their cheery atmosphere, their warmth, their wide variety of hot, comforting food and drinks and their people watching opportunities 🙂

What do you think of my new snowflake fairy lights? I bought them when I was home last weekend because I thought they were cute and would add a nice Christmas touch to my bedroom 🙂

Along with the fairy lights I also bought some tinsel and wrapped it around my rose garland to add some more festive sparkle to my room. I think it works quite well personally! And finally I indulged in one of my favourite crafts at this time of the year:

So overall I’m quite pleased with my Christmas decorations, what’s not to like about advent calendars, fairy lights, tinsel and paper snowflakes??

Have you put up your Christmas decorations yet?
My family is waiting for me before putting up the Christmas tree which is lovely as it’s one of my favourite Christmas preparations!

Have you got a favourite warm drink from this time of year?
Or a favourite Christmas craft?

Sophie x

Up And Down

Well this is has been some day!

I had a lie-in this morning to do some much needed reading. Have I ever mentioned that doing an English degree requires lots of reading? Well it does! In case that wasn’t already obvious 😛

I also ate a rather delicious and filling breakfast:

 A tasty mix of raw oats, vanilla flavoured low-fat natural yogurt and sliced banana. Definitely a breakfast to fill me up for the whole morning!

I’ve been feeling a little down if I’m honest since my family left, hence the lack of post yesterday and I had a bit of a cry on the phone to my mum this morning. I’m not afraid to admit it, it felt really helpful to talk to her and tell her about what’s worrying me at the moment. I’m really lucky to have such wonderful supportive parents! Thank you Maman 🙂

Lunch was an english muffin topped with my typical avocado mix: half an avocado crushed, one clove of garlic chopped finely, a squeeze of lemon juice and a liberal sprinkling of salt and cayenne pepper. Delicious. And what’s that I spy on the side? That would be an Innocent fruit tube!! My sister bought me a packet this weekend, they’re just little tubes containing something halfway between a fruit puree and a smoothie and they’re so lovely! I don’t even care the slightest bit if they’re childish…

This afternoon I had a drama workshop which was a lot more fun than anticipated. I can’t really join in with the acting which is a shame but watching the performances was interesting and gave me a few ideas for when I have to direct my extract (not for ages thankfully). There are so many really talented people at university!

When I got back I was feeling pretty exhausted so I had a relax with a little snack (I just wrote snake there by mistake – a clear example of how tired I am):

A cinnamon raisin bagel topped with honey and served with some extra raisins. Pretty yummy even if it was somewhat similar to my lunch. What can I say, I’m a creature of habit!

This evening I went round to the flat next door to have a chat with one of the lovely girls who lives there, she is an amazing musician and I love talking to her about music and things :-). She succeeded in lifting my morale which gave me the boost to go and actually cook something for dinner tonight. Result! I actually cooked some aubergine and garlic and served it with a little whole wheat pasta. I didn’t bother taking a picture, stir-fried aubergine doesn’t look particularly exciting 😛

I hope you all had good day, I missed posting yesterday but I will definitely be here tomorrow with an exciting WIAW post! Stay tuned…

What kind of a day did you have, up, down or both?
Do you find yourself eating very similar food several times a day or is variety the spice of life?

– I’m a mixed one when it comes to that, I love certain foods and will eat them over and over but I also like to change things up, I’d get bored with eating the same thing for dinner every night!

Sophie x

A Lovely Lovely Day

Hello again, fancy seeing you here 🙂

I have had a really lovely day with my sister. It is so nice to be able to spend some time together, do fun things and catch up! I’ve really missed seeing her.

We started our day off with a delicious serving of cinnamon raisin bagels which I bought specially because she loves them so much:

Yum 🙂 And so nice to have someone to chat to over breakfast again. I think the relaxed company is one of the things I miss about home so much. Back home there is always someone there and talking is easy, you don’t feel like you’re constantly having to make an effort!

Late morning I took Alice into the centre of town with Trelawney to show her around and do a spot of shopping.

We ate lunch at that lovely little cafe I wrote about a couple of weeks ago and we each had a delicious plate of warm, fresh pittas with hummus and guacamole. It was simple but seriously tasty.

I also got a strawberry and vanilla smoothie and it was really good, so creamy and fresh. I honestly love this cafe, independent places are so much better than chains!

We trawled some great little vintage places and I found a top hat which I think goes excellently with my cane so Alice had to snap a quick photo, whatcha think?

Obviously after a long spell of shopping (Alice found a lovely vintage top and we both bought new scarves) we obviously needed another coffee break!

Hello gingerbread latte and mini muffins 🙂

We eventually called it a day, got the bus home and have just been relaxing and chatting all evening. We dined on spaghetti bolognese and enjoyed our respective favourite yogurts (flake for Alice, vanilla flavoured greek yogurt for me) whilst watching Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA – hilarious.

So there you have it, my great day with my sister!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend like me 🙂

Do you like independent or chain cafes better?
Favourite hot drink? Are you a fan of specialty coffees?

Sophie x

How Do You Stop The Pounding?

First of all, thank you so much, all of you, for your lovely supportive comments! My back is much better today, none of the hideous twinges left from yesterday. It also means a lot that you all say that you’d welcome the developments and changes and that you’d all still read 🙂

Sometimes, like today, my posts will be very much the same format as before, mostly pictures of my food accompanied by inane fascinating details from my day!

Although my back was better this morning, my head has been absolutely pounding since the moment I woke up. So breakfast was a comfort affair: toasted cinnamon and raisin bagel with a handful or extra raisins. Easy, warm and frankly yummy food.

Because of my headache I stayed in bed with the lights off for most of the morning, I just couldn’t face lifting my head off the pillow because it hurt so much every time I tried. I know what you’re thinking “Is this girl always ill/in pain??” and I can imagine it certainly looks that way at the moment. But the thing is I’m pretty sure that when my back and hips play up more than usual, my body can’t deal with it so it transfers the pain to my head. I have no idea of the biology of that, or indeed, if it’s even true! Anyone care to enlighten me?

Lunch was delicious, I had some of the leftover veg curry from last week served with spicy harissa couscous. I know curry and couscous don’t traditionally go together but I don’t much like rice and I didn’t have any naan bread and you know what, I thought it was a lovely match! 😛

This afternoon I did a bit of decorating:

My mum sent me a lovely image with one of my favourite quotes “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain”. So I used it as the centrepiece of my display and surrounded it by photos. I didn’t have enough photos of my friends so I will have to add to it when I’ve printed some more off. It’s nice to have photos of Tom and my family up though, it makes me smile whenever I look at them 🙂

A simple simple smoothie of mango, milk and ice. Simple and tasty. A good headache remedy.

This afternoon I did a few chores and some reading. My modern lit book for this week is The Turn of the Screw by Henry James so that’s what I’ll be reading for the next couple of days. That and A Book of Middle English… Wish me luck!

Dinner was quick and easy too (spotting a theme?), spaghetti on a bed of rocket, tossed with garlic, chilli and olive oil and sprinkled with parmesan.

Do you get headaches on a regular basis? Do you eat any weird food combinations?

Sophie x

New Discoveries

Hello bloggies 🙂

I hope you are all having a fantastic week!

Mine has been pretty hectic so far as you can imagine, there is so much to get your head around here at uni that I’m surprised mine hasn’t been sent off spinning!

Before I go any further, let me show you a picture:

Isn’t it beautiful? We’re having some kind of heatwave here at the moment and the sun is making everything look even prettier than usual. I can’t tell you how lovely it is here.

Yesterday was a busy day so I didn’t manage to get a picture of all of my food but here is a photo of my first smoothie in my new flat:

Frozen banana, tinned raspberries (I didn’t even know it existed until recently!), almond butter, oats and milk. It was pretty darn tasty!

I’m afraid my backgrounds aren’t very attractive at the moment, I need to sort something out for that, our table is clearly not a thing of beauty.

I visited the Freshers’ Fair yesterday to sign up to some societies.

I am now a member of the:

  • English society (obvs)
  • Impact Magazine (the uni magazine)
  • Photography society (so excited about this one – I can finally learn how to use all of the fancy settings on my camera!)
  • Musicality (the musical theatre society)
  • Opsoc (the opera society – I’ve never sung opera before but I’m really keen to try!)
How amazing does that all sound, I can’t wait to go to the first meetings 🙂
I also did my first batch of baking in my new kitchen.

My sister bought me these silicon cupcake moulds as a goodbye present (isn’t she the best sister? I love you Alice!) and I thought I’d test them out.

Halfway through baking I realised I had no icing sugar and therefore no icing to decorate the cakes with…

Solved by sprinkling little sugar hearts (also a present from my wonderful sister) on top of the batter before they went in the oven.

Not a work of art perhaps but I was quite pleased with them.

Lastly I want you to meet two of my lovely flatmates:

Meg and Demi :-).

They were getting ready for a night out and pre-drinks were being had in our kitchen.

I’m so lucky, we’re in quite a small block of flats and everyone is really nice and the atmosphere is great!

All in all, a successful day. Being at uni is exhausting (I won’t even try to explain the pain) but so much fun 🙂

Did you join any clubs/societies at uni and if so which ones?

Sophie x