Weekly Workouts.

Hey lovelies!

My laptop has been sent off to be repaired so fingers crossed that I get it back soon as, although I hate to admit it, I’ve become rather reliant on it for my everyday life (a little sad I know). We do have a laptop in the house which is sort of spare (it’s actually my dad’s laptop but he doesn’t use it during the daytime) but unfortunately the timing is pretty poor and the charger has just about given up! The good news is we’ve ordered another the charger…

Now as it is Monday I want to go over my workouts from last week and write up my plan for this week. Last week was a so-so week, it started really well but then about halfway through the week I got really awful cramps which forced my exercising routine to be put on hold.

Here’s a rundown of last week:

Monday –  20 min stretch session + 20 min ab work + a walk around the neighbourhood with my mum 🙂

Tuesday – 30 Day Shred. This didn’t happen, basically my mum and I cycled into town to buy my new mattress and to do a spot of shopping and we ended up cycling about 4 miles and did a fair bit of walking so I didn’t have the energy when I got back.

Wednesday – 3 mile cycle + 30 Day Shred which felt really good after so long!

Thursday – 3 mile cycle + 20 minute strength workout

Friday 30 Day Shred Friday is when the cramps started so from there on there was no way I was going to workout. Maybe some people can but I’m talking cramps that make me double over in pain so I don’t see how people can.

Saturday 45 min full body strength workout

Sunday – Rest day

So although the week didn’t quite go to plan I am fairly pleased with myself for making a really good start. Getting back into exercising regularly is pretty tough at times, even though I love to stay fit and actually mostly enjoy working out I just find myself feeling really exhausted and energy-less most of the time.

Anyway, despite a couple of setbacks I’m determined to keep it up so here is a rough outline of my plans for this week:

Monday –  2 mile cycle ride + a workout from my Women’s Fitness magazine

Tuesday – 20 min ab work

Wednesday – Tom’s graduation day so lots of walking therefore no scheduled workout!

Thursday – 30 min upper body workout

Friday – 30 Day Shred

Saturday – 3 mile cycle + 20 min stretch/ab work

Sunday – Rest Day

Hopefully most of my plans will come into fruition and I’ll end the week feeling a little more energised than the last! Despite battling the pain and the fatigue, I feel like my condition doesn’t have to get in the way of a healthy lifestyle and exercising is one of the things that I am going to try to continue for as long as I can. I know that despite the drained feeling I struggle with most days, working out will help me to feel better so it’s worth it!

Do you have any workout plans for the week?
Why do you exercise? And how do you motivate yourself when feeling tired?

What did you get up to this weekend?