Home Comforts.

Although in many ways, transferring to my new uni and living at home again feels a little bit like a step backwards, there are many perks of being back here. For starters, I am fully aware just how lucky I am that a) my parents gave me the option of coming back when I was too ill to continue, and b) that home is somewhere I am happy to return to. I know that not everyone is in my position! Here are just some of nice things about living at home again:

1. One of the most obvious positives about being home is having the company of my family! My sister and I have always been close and in the last few years we have become more like best friends. I know I can tell her everything, we support each other when things are tough and we also have a lot of laughs together 🙂

I love this girl!

The support my family gives me is great too, last week I had a couple of evenings when I just felt exhausted and a bit rubbishy, this is when having my parents and sister around me becomes so helpful and comforting. They help me out with daily tasks and they keep my morale up!

2. I’m not going to lie, one of the great things about being home is the food. (It had to be didn’t it!)

Firstly, having dinner cooked for you on most days is lovely when you’re under the weather on a regular basis and it also means you get to eat more varied (and more luxurious) food than when you’re cooking for one on a budget at uni. Dishes like this one:

Chorizo and gnocci isn’t the sort of thing you get to eat much of as a student!

Secondly, I have a fully equipped kitchen at my disposal which means one thing to me: baking 🙂 I absolutely adore baking, no surprises there, particularly when the autumn months are coming in, it is starting to get a little colder outside and you want a little comfort for chilly afternoons. It’s one of my goals for the autumn is to bake on a weekly basis as much as I can, I want to work my way through some of my bakery cookbooks and I’m so looking forward to it. I’ve started off with this lovely creation:

Although it might not look like much, but this was an absolutely wonderful plum cake from my favourite Primrose Bakery cookbook. The next goods I want to try are white chocolate and granola cookies from the same book, as well as blueberry muffins from a Mary Berry book…

3. Comfort. When I’m in pain, or feeling exhausted, or just wanting to curl up and read or watch TV, being back at home means I can do it complete warmth and comfort. If I’m not tucked up in my lovely, soft double bed, I’m curled up in the little reading spot my mother created in the study.

This is the chair my mother used to sit in with me as a baby :-). It has been covered and is so comfortable to sit in, plus I love being able to watch the world go by out of the window.

4. Opportunities, in many difference senses. There’s the closeness of both town and my new university so I can just cycle in easily enough. There’s the ease of travelling to London by train to go visit Tom which is great. I’m going to visit him this Saturday and I can’t wait to see him again and have a look round his new flat! There is also the fact that I have everything near by, there are shops, cafes, the gym etc all within 20 minutes of me so if I ever want to get out of the house, I can do so without much hassle.

There are many other little perks of living at home again, these are just a few of the main positives. I won’t lie and say that I feel 100% brilliant about moving back, I want to move on in my life, I want to grow and “leave the nest” but whilst I can’t I am determined to make the most of my last year or two at home and take advantage of the pros of living here!

Here’s to a positive attitude 🙂

If you’ve graduated, have you ever had to move home? How did you feel about it?
What are the positives of living at home with your family?
If you’ve moved out from your childhood home, what do you miss the most?


Aaaand Relax.

Hey lovely ladies! (And gentlemen??)

I am home sweet home and just so relieved. The journey was particularly slow as we had my bike strapped to the back of the car and it always feels so precarious, not matter how many bungee cords and ties you use to secure it.

As you may have seen if you follow me on twitter somebody decided to throw out the food I had left in my freezer so I had nothing to eat for my breakfast this morning. I thought I had been so smart by leaving a couple of English muffins in the freezer as I had a pot of honey in my cupboard and that would be great for my last breakfast but anyway… I texted my dad this morning and asked him if he could bring me something to eat.

He shows up at around 10am with this in tow:

Best dad ever? I think so. There was also a chocolate muffin in a packet which got eaten up in the car so I didn’t take a photo. Definitely a good way to start the journey!

My mum is amazing too as she was there waiting for us when we finally got home and had a delicious lunch in front of me within half an hour of my walking through the door. I’m definitely being spoiled today but I am not complaining.

Lunch was a homemade beef burger with salad and a little piece of baguette. So rustic and tasty, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall gets it just right once again!

The afternoon was pretty much spent relaxing. I’m not going to lie, not much unpacking has been going on… I’ve already decided tomorrow shall be made up of a morning stretch and physio session, followed by some pampering, unpacking of the important things, an afternoon cycle and some more relaxation. Sound like a plan?

Dinner was pretty fantastic too, we had a gorgeous tomato tart with a courgette salad to begin with…

It’s just such an appetizing looking plate and it tasted so fresh. My favourite sort of meal 🙂

Not that it stops there, dessert followed!

That traditional English dessert of Eton Mess, one of my favourite summer treats. Broken up homemade meringue, fresh strawberries stirred into whipped cream mixed with natural yogurt. Such a beautiful indulgence.

Speaking of indulgence, as you can tell from my blog posts over the last couple of weeks, lately my diet has become rather indulgent. I’ve been feeling a lot more comfortable  with my body and my relationship with food is finally starting to become a lot more positive, however I’m beginning to feel the effects of all of this heavy food. Although I’m not letting myself feel guilty for any of it as I had the most amazing time with Tom and enjoyed every bite I ate but I do want to take a step back from it all. I feel as though I need a bit of a cleanse so I’ve decided that for the next week I will be sticking to three main meals a day consisting of whole grains, lean proteins and lots of vegetables, eating fruit for snacks and staying completely clear of processed foods and sweet treats. I’m not doing anything as drastic as a detox, I just want to eat really healthily and focus on other parts of my life 🙂

I hope you’ve all had a really great weekend!

What have you been upto this weekend?
What do you like to do when you’ve been indulging lots?

Have you ever done a detox? 

Three Down…

Yup, that’s right. I have sat three of my exams and I now only have one more exam before I have officially completed my first year at university.

Crazy stuff.

I know this annoys some people but I just want to apologise for being so absent lately, especially from all of your lovely blogs. When I haven’t been revising I’ve mostly been trying to build my energy back up. This means no workouts, just walking and physio, little cooking, and very little time to blog. I cannot wait for this summer as I will be able to throw myself back into this blog 🙂

My exam today went reasonably well (I think) and I can feel the stress slowly starting to ebb away… Only five days to go until complete freedom!

As I have so little energy I thought I would share some of the little eats I’ve been loving lately:

Mr Kipling’s almond bake. A little too small for me but so tasty. The perfect little snack for revision boosts.

Lots and lots of pasta. Obviously 😉

Iced frappes. Absolutely fantastic in the summer hot weather we’ve been enjoying here at the moment.

I’m still plowing through Vanity Fair, according to my Kindle I’m 39% of the way through. It’s such a long book and I just can’t figure what on earth is going to happen in the rest of the book. I’m enjoying it but it is just so lengthy and I’m wondering what strange twists will develop.

Anyway I am feeling really shattered, I cannot wait to go home tomorrow, hopefully I will be able to prepare myself well for my last exam! I’m sure I will have lots of delicious food photos for you from Sunday lunch tomorrow 🙂

What are your favourite little food treats at the moment?

Home Again.

There is something so lovely about being home again, even if only for a short while.

Yesterday afternoon after an exhausting train journey I was finally back in my hometown and after 3 weeks away it was a welcome feeling.

Just the sight of my dad waiting at the station to pick me up made me feel a bit relieved.

It’s been a long week.

This weekend is just what I needed, the chance to be able to relax despite having to revise. The opportunity to see my family again.

My mum is away in France visiting my grandparents but she gets back tomorrow around lunch and I can’t wait to see her. Today I made the most of spending time with my dad and my sister.

We’ve eaten delicious food. We’ve relaxed and chatted. We saw The Avengers at the cinema and we ate Nandos.

The perfect break after an incredibly difficult week.

This ice cream is AMAZING. Seriously it’s one of the best things I’ve eaten in a long long time.

My mother’s beautiful garden is really beginning to bloom and everything looks lovely. Despite the rather dull weather I have my hopes up for a warmer June and things are starting to look a little more seasonal.

This evening I was a rubbish blogger and completely forget to take a photo of my meal so you’ll just have to imagine my chicken pita, fries and spicy garlic and wild herb sauces. Nandos is not anything extraordinary and it certainly isn’t high class but I have a little soft spot for it. I don’t know whether it’s the laid back atmosphere or the spicy food but I really enjoy going there for an easy meal out.

Ah it is wonderful to be home 🙂

What have you been doing so far this weekend?
Any soft spots for restaurants like Nandos?

On Relaxing.

Well I’m home 🙂

It feels great. I still feel sick, I still feel exhausted, I’m still in pain. But I don’t have to worry so much.

I can read my beautiful book…


I can eat delicious food…

I can play with my cat…

And I can relax with my family…

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and I will be back with more words for you soon, when I am a little more awake and alive! 😉

This Weekend #3.

Hello my lovelies!

I’m back at uni but I have had a really nice weekend at home, I may not be feeling that much better but I know that I’d feel far worse if I’d stayed at uni.

Being at home I was looked after, fed and helped with things. If I’d stayed here I’d have probably stayed in bed for most of the weekend, my laundry would have piled up, I would have survived mostly on weetabix and I would have felt even more ill!

Anyway, without further ado, the photos from this weekend:

Fresh haddock goujons with my mum’s lovely tartar sauce and salad – a lovely light and healthy meal which felt like a real treat to eat 🙂

Coffee with my mum and my sister was perfect, just so nice to catch up and enjoy some time together. I am slowly becoming more and more addicted to a fan of my skinny vanilla lattes, they just taste so good, it’s about the only hot drink I like!

Spur of the moment wishing lantern. They really are lovely to watch and it was a fun thing to do the four of us!

Breakfast this morning was a real treat: fresh orange juice, fresh blueberries and a buttery hot cross bun. Delicious, truly the best breakfast I’ve had in weeks!

Lunch today was one of my favourite thing to eat as a family, a good roast chicken with roast potatoes and parsnips, green cabbage and the fantastic gravy. I do love my parents’ food, there’s nothing like having a lovely meal prepared and served for you 🙂

Anyway I’m feeling pretty exhausted after the car ride back to uni (half of which I was asleep for anyway!) so I’m off to read before bed.

I hope you have all had a fantastic weekend too!

What do you like best about going back home?
Anyone else addicted to coffee? Or something else?
Are you a fan of hot cross buns? I absolutely adore them!
Anyone got any exciting plans for the week ahead?

Home, Sweet Home.

Yep, that’s right. I’m home again!

It feels so good. It feels even better knowing that if I’d have been today as I was yesterday, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have made it to the bus stop let alone the train home.

I’m exhausted. I feel so ill. But I actually had a decent meal and I got to relax on the sofa watching TV tonight.

So I feel better (marginally).

Tomorrow the plan is to sleep, read, eat and maybe, if I’m feeling up to it, going for coffee in town.

Sounds pretty perfect to me.

I felt horrible and shaky getting the bus, waiting in the station, and standing on the platform but once settled on the train I was fine. I loathe the whole rigmarole that surrounds the process of getting a train but I really do enjoy train journeys.

You have very little to do, very little distracting you, and if you so choose, very little human interaction. This obviously makes it the perfect time to read.

And read I did.

I finished reading Birdsong, by Sebastian Faulks, (on my kindle) which is just the most heartbreakingly beautiful book I have ever read. I also started Lonely Hearts, by John Harvey, and it’s shaping up to be an incredibly enjoyable read.

When the train pulled into the station and I knew I was finally almost home, I felt a huge relief. No stress for a couple of days. No worrying about cooking, or laundry, or cleaning for the weekend. I can relax.

My mum made a delicious pasta dish for dinner, I’ll have to give you the recipe sometime. It’s just the right sort of indulgent. It’s full of my favourite veg: courgette, mushrooms, and peppers. Chorizo plays a starring role and I think most meat-eating people would agree, it is one special kind of sausage. And cream which, although being something I’m not a huge fan  of, gives the dish that extra feeling of luxury. Perfect.

My family is wonderful.

Despite our somewhat fiery discussions, we are brilliant together. I love them all. Their support is amazing.

Anyway bedtime for me! Way too tired to write anymore.

I apologise that I’ve been a bit useless at commenting on your posts for the last few days, I’ve not been in much of a state to type coherent comments for you! I have been reading though, and I’ll be back to normal soon 🙂

I hope you’ve all had a lovely week!

Anything happening this weekend? Any exciting plans?
What’s your slightly naughty indulgent dish?
Do you enjoy train journeys? Do you use them as the opportunity to read for hours too?