The Sun Has Got His Hat Off.

Well last weekend the English weather was somewhat blissful. The sun was shining and the temperatures even soared up to 20°C (which is rather impressive for May in England!). As a result everyone’s mood lifted, people in the streets were smilier, and the general mood was brighter. The trees have suddenly burst into life with tiny leaves and gorgeous blossom, and everything is greener.

Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse this week and the sky outside my window is currently very grey. But seeing how I’m writing my final essay whilst still wearing my dressing gown at 4pm on a Sunday, I suppose the weather doesn’t matter a great deal. My hand-in date is this coming Wednesday so I’m pretty much counting down the hours till then when I’ll actually have time to leave the house again and do something to my appearance other than pulling my hair up! I have two exams in the two weeks following from my deadline but with a week in between them they’re not worrying me too much.

I’m hoping that the sunshine will make another appearance once my deadline passes but in the meantime I’m going to stare wistfully at the photos I took of the lovely flowers in the garden last weekend and imagine the warmth against my skin…





Is the sun shining where you are? Have you been able to enjoy any good weather recently? Favourite thing to do out in the sun?

Sophie x



  1. The sun has been shining over here in Madrid. I’ve been leaving my house in shorts and short leave t-shirts as well. I even went for a ride on the motorbike with my bf wearing just that yesterday 🙂 It’s been so nice!!!

    Break a leg with the paper you are working on. Very beautiful Spring photos 🙂

    Daphne xx

  2. It’s been raining all day in South Australia, which is SO weird because it never rains here! I love the rain though (as do all of those who don’t see it often) so I feel nice and peaceful. Loving all of the beautiful flowers! x

  3. Gorgeous pictures as always – I could really do with some sun right now to cheer me up now I’m right in the middle of exams! Good luck with finishing your essay and your final exams – I know you will do really well =) xxx

  4. I am loving the blossom trees and all the bluebells and flowers in the UK at the moment 🙂 I also love that photo of your cat which looks like he/she is having a sniff of one! Good luck with your deadline tomorrow!

  5. It’s amazing how much the sun can affect people. I do love the sun, but every once in a while a few cloudy days are welcome where I can just focus and get things done or lie around and be lazy sipping tea. The sun is actually not shining here today, but I’m sure it’ll be back soon, which means some hot hot days. A bit too hot in my opinion.
    Good luck with your exams!!

  6. Sunshine is wonderful for lifting the spirits isn’t it? I relished every moment we had over the bank holiday weekend. This week, the weather has been crazy here in the South West. Freezing cold one minute (I even resorted to a hot water bottle at night!), heavy rain, then bursts of warm sunshine. I guess you have to grab the good weather while you can!
    Good luck for your last 2 exams. Not long now till you finish 🙂 xx

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