It’s the Little Things.

So I had a couple of posts lined up but… I got sick. I’m actually pretty poorly, it’s just a bad cold but when I get ill it affects me more and the illness in turn exacerbates my fibro so I end up just feeling generally rubbish. But you know me, instead of going to bed and staying there, I was determined to go see Tom in London this weekend and then I met a couple of friends in town this week so yeah… It just meant that I did not feel at all up to posting. I’m not feeling even 60% yet but I wanted to write.

Seeing as I’m feeling so rotten, the only thing it makes sense to write about is things that make me feel just a little bit better!


I know Easter is now over but I can’t help but miss the hot cross buns…


Breakfast in bed. Need I say more?


Reading by the window.


Blankets, hot water bottles, and cuddles with my cat.


Hot chocolates.

It really is the little things in life which make all of the difference. My days can sometimes seem a little blue when things are tough with my health but there are always little things which make a bit of difference and lift the spirits. It’s all about the positivity people, it can make a whole world of difference. As one of my closest friends tweeted this morning – ‘The best way for a person to have happy thoughts is to count their blessings, and not their cash’. Count your blessings, even the tiniest positive occurrences can make you a lot happier.

I hope you’re all really well and that you’re having a good week!

Sophie x



  1. Sophie, this really sounds just like me. I developed some horrible chest infection- overshare- and although I don’t have the same health issues, my immune system is less than invincible!
    Your breakfast looks so yummy, and I envy the books that you’re reading as I’m currently making my way through Thomas More’s Utopia, so I’m sure you’ll be on the road to recovery soon!
    Take care

    1. Oh I’m really sorry to hear that you’re been ill too, I hope you’re feeling better now!

      Urgh I had to read that earlier this term, can’t say it was my favourite. Don’t worry about being envious anyway, it’s the first book I’ve read that wasn’t part of my course since Christmas! 😛

  2. Sorry to hear you’re feeling poorly – I hope you feel better soon! I love this post, it is so important to appreciate the small things in life – mine include walking and having fresh flowers on my dressing table. Peg xx

    1. Thank you Peg! Walking is so therapeutic, if I’m ever really stressed I love going for quiet walks to unwind 🙂 And not much beats fresh flowers, I particularly adore daffodils at the moment.

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