Working Your Little Socks Off.

Sorry for the slightly corny title, I just thought it aptly describes my life this week. I am working myself to the bone, and I’m working with people who probably wear very little socks! This week I am working at the holiday art club I usually work at during the summer and it has definitely been a different experience – it is just SO cold in the UK right now. Today I wore a cami, a long-sleeved top, two jumpers, and then a coat and scarf to go outside to play and I was still cold! It even tried to snow earlier…

I love my job; I love being surrounded by excited children, learning new skills, creating beautiful things, making new friends and just having fun. It’s a brilliant experience and whilst it is physically exhausting for me, it’s so rewarding.


Today’s task was to make cardboard Eiffel Towers and then paint them in the style of the background of Robert Delaunay’s Eiffel Tower paintings. This resulted in pieces of cardboard littered across the tables and floor, all different sizes Eiffel Towers (and a few which looked more like rockets) and 35 paint covered children. It’s heaps of fun but it does end up with us having a lot of cleaning up to do!

One of my favourite aspects of work is all of the games we play with them, here are a sample of their names just for your amusement: Buzzy Bee, Charlie’s Toy Box, Splat, Lizard Murder (like wink murder but with tongues because many of them can’t wink!), Zip Zap Doo, Chinese Whispers, ‘The Key Game’, and many, many more…

(I did not make any of these up, these are actual games!)

My other favourite part is making name badges, because sometimes I’m just a big kid at heart. You know you are too 😉

Sophie x




  1. Cute name tag! I’m surprised the kiddies still get to play outside in the cold! But i guess when kids are having fun they don’t really have a sense of the weather. Just the ones who have to watch them and suffer 😉 Today’s eiffel tower project sounds like it was a lot of fun. I love anything to do with paris!

  2. Your work sounds really fun (and is a great excuse to embrace your inner child! 😉 ) I recently did some work experience in a primary school and LOVED it! I cannot believe it keeps trying to snow – where is Spring?! Enjoy your weekend! Peg xx

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