In Which Sophie Eats : Côte.

Tuesday was my sister’s birthday. In my family we have a tradition of going to the restaurant for everyone’s birthdays and of course Alice got to pick where she wanted to go. She chose Côte, a French style restaurant with food inspired by Paris bistros sold at affordable prices. It’s a lovely restaurant with attentive, friendly waiters (they moved us to a window table because we were originally at an isolated table in a corner), simple decor, a relaxing atmosphere and a decent menu.

The Good Food Guide 2011 described Côte as having “Robust French flavours, cheery continental vibes and brilliant value for money“.

Being a French style restaurant they specialise in meat and fish so perhaps not the ideal choice for vegetarians although they do have a couple of meat and fish free lighter options. It’s a great place to eat with a group of friends or to go for an after work meal. They have a decent selections of wines, beers, spirits and soft drinks and you can even treat yourself to a rather indulgent Kir Royale before your meal.

There is a definite theme with my meal – I went down the fishy, breadcrumbed, tartare route…


Calamari – Breadcrumbed squid sautéed in garlic, lemon, parsley and butter with tartare sauce

To start I went with the calamari because it is one of my absolute favourite dishes to eat in a restaurant and I was pleased I did. Sometimes calamari is a bit of a risk as, cooked badly, it can be somewhat rubbery and bland but this was lovely and the homemade tartare sauce was perfectly balanced. I polished off the entire thing!


Cod Goujons – Breadcrumbed slices of cod fillet with frites and tartare sauce 

For my main course I chose the cod goujons which are essentially like posh fish fingers. These were excellent, the breadcrumb coating was really light, the fish inside was wonderfully cooked and came apart with my fork. The chips are just how I like them, perfectly golden, thin, and crispy. My advice for this dish is to order a vegetable side to accompany it, I went for the green salad, as to my taste it needs something fresh to go with it. Otherwise a great (if a little filling!) dish.


Lemon Sorbet

Those of you who know me quite well will know that I have a major sweet tooth, certainly never let it be said that I am not a dessert kind of girl! However, after two delicious courses I was feeling pretty full so I opted for the light, refreshing option of sorbet. There’s not much to say about this other than it was the perfect way to finish off a delicious meal and meant that I left the restaurant without the taste of fish in my mouth.

All together I really enjoyed all of my food. If you are more of a meat lover than a fish person, my sister, her boyfriend, and my father all went with the sirloin steak, it looked and tasted really good (I stole a bite of Alice’s steak) and they would all definitely recommend it. We all had a lovely time celebrating Alice’s birthday with fantastic company and brilliant food and I would 100% recommend Côte if you like French cuisine and are looking for a relaxing meal at a reasonable price. My sister and I now have plans to try out their breakfast menu in the near future!

Have you ever eaten at Côte?
Are you a fan of French cuisine?

Sophie x



  1. Sold on the Calamari – Breadcrumbed squid sautéed in garlic, lemon, parsley and butter with tartare sauce!!!

    All the things I love in one dish 🙂 Seriously! I think we have Côte in the Philippines but haven’t seen one in Madrid. In any case, I am spitting things out of my (horrible) memory. So, my word can’t be taken for this.

    Belated happy birthday to your sister. My youngest sister also celebrated hers on the 15th. March babies 🙂

    This was a great post.



  2. I can’t say I have had French cuisine all that much, but these plates all look delicious!! That lemon sorbet will be perfect for the summer months! Happy Belated Birthday to your sister!

  3. Mm, that restaurant sounds delicious and classy–Calamari IS such a hit or miss item, but when done right? Excellent. Sounds like your sister chose well 🙂 Happy birthday to her!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday to your sister 🙂 What a lovely place to celebrate! Good choice on the calamari… I wrote about eating fried foods on my blog yesterday and how onion rings are my favorite, but calamari is definitely a close second! But yeah, they can be iffy at some places. When they get rubbery? Ickkkk
    The lemon sorbet sounds so refreshing, that is how I would have chosen to end the meal!
    Have a nice rest of your weekend Sophie

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