Tired. Needs Change.

What an uninspiring title.

It’s not that I’m feeling particularly uninspired, it’s more that no other word can put how I feel quite so simply into words. I’m just plain tired.

I could wax lyrical about the lethargy that seeps into my bones from the first few moments of waking up. Or about my whole body being filled with a sensation I can only imagine is something like lead. Or about the way that sharp pain shoots up and down my back the minute I do something to aggravate it. Or about how my head spins with the dizziness of fatigue. Or about how I nap almost everyday and find myself struggling to wade through the exhaustion that sets in between 5 and 7 in the evening…

The thing is, recently, what with being so busy with uni work and writing essays as well as being so tired, I’ve felt like my little blog is floundering a little. I used to write my blog posts in the evening but now because I’m so tired by the end of the afternoon I can never dredge up the energy to write. But I don’t want to give my blog up, I love writing it, I love communicating with everyone on here. So I need to come up with a new plan.

If you’ve read my blog for a while you’ll probably have noticed that my content has morphed over time with the focus being less and less directly on food, fitness, health etc. I’m still interested in all of these things, but I just don’t feel like writing about them all of the time. There are so so many blogs out there that cover these topics and it can sometimes become repetitive or even obsessive, we can start to compare ourselves and our choices to others and it can be unhealthy. (There are, of course, some fantastic health/food/fitness blogs out there!)

I guess this blog is becoming more of a lifestyle blog. A mish-mash of my daily life, the places I go, the things I do, the books I read, the thoughts I have and the photos I take. And I’m okay with that. I hope you are too.

So yeah. Here is my little declaration! I want to try to aim for three posts a week – Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Today, I know, is Friday, but I will be moving to posting on those days from Sunday onward.

I hope you join me in my little journey, I’d love to have you here!

Sophie x



  1. To be honest, I think lifestyle blogs are the best, anyway! I always feel like sticking to one or maybe two topics is very restricting. Especially with for example beauty blogs I always picture the blogger as a very shallow person, because all they seem to care about is make up. Which of course isn’t true, but since that’s the niche they choose to show the internet, it makes them seem very one-sided. Choosing to blog about lifestyle shows all facettes of a human being. 🙂

  2. Hey! I too like lifestyle blogs. Especially books and travel-type ones! And I love photo blogs the most. You write so beautifully and with interesting insight that I will read whatever you wish to write! I haven’t blogged in ages and I find it just isn’t in you sometimes. I go through phases where it seems such an effort which is always a bad sign I think. I too, have found it hard to find my place and what I want to write about. I find this grey, gloomy period between New Year and Easter the most uninspiring! No light, no weather, always cold…maybe I’m just lazy though!

    I shall definitely be following your next chapter! I’m so excited to see your books!! 🙂 Hope uni is going well!

  3. It’s so lovely that you’re blogging again – I really missed your posts! I think it’s great that you’re going to be doing more lifestyle blogging – besides, it is your blog so you should write about what interests you! Enjoy your weekend! Peg x

  4. I second that, it´s nice to have you back and blogging. I´ve been back on here to check for new entries and I checked your new entry out as I got an email notification. Sorry to hear that you have been so tired lately. I cannot even begin to imagine what that must be like.

    As for the change to a Lifestyle Blog — I think it´s a natural direction to take 🙂 I will still enjoy reading your entries. Big hugs and welcome back!

  5. Hi there beautiful lady, it’s nice to see a post popping up from you in my reader again 🙂 First, I am sorry that you have been feeling not well lately, gosh I wish this could somehow, anyway at all, just GO AWAY for you… I know you wish for the same thing but just ahh, you don’t deserve it in the slightest! As always, your in my thoughts and prayers
    Onto the blogging shift, I think that’s a fabulous idea if it works for you, and I do enjoy lifestyle blogs. It’s nice to read different ones than the usual, fitness, health, ED, clean eating stuff I look at often… and write about too! Looking forward to reading future posts 🙂

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