Small Steps.

Ah life’s little ups and downs. You learn to take each day as it comes.

This weekend I was reminded of how rich my life is despite anything that may seem to be difficult or draining.

I have a wonderful partner who makes still makes me incredibly happy after almost five years. (Our five year anniversary is in just over a month!) I have the support of a fantastic family who always have time for each other in times of need and when the good times roll in. And I have some great friends, both old and new, there are some lovely people without whom my life wouldn’t be anywhere near as enjoyable.

Recently I’ve been on a slightly downwards sloped hill. My fatigue has been hitting me particularly badly and it just makes everything that little bit more difficult. I wake up every morning feeling sore and stiff and it takes me a couple of hours to feel fully able. It’s tough but I always take the time to stop and think: it could be so much worse.

And it really could.

There are so many people who have huge challenges to surmount in life, so many people who suffer, so many trials that are pushed on people completely outside of their control. I can’t imagine what it is like for those who truly suffer.

The other day a few people at uni commented how chirpy and positive and perky I always am and it made me realise how good I am at presenting the majority of the world with a happy front. It’s not really a facade, I am genuinely quite a happy, optimistic person. It’s more my way of keeping life going, of not giving in to my condition, of getting on with the world.

So I will continue smiling, continue saying hello to everyone I meet, continue enjoying the simple things in life and getting excited at the smallest positives, and just continue feeling lucky that I get to be the way I am.



I hope you all had a brilliant start to the week!

Stay bright and chirpy for me 😉

Sophie x



  1. You are honestly one of my inspirations, I just totally admire how you can be feeling down, but still be able to be grateful for what you have. And congratuations to you and Tom! I hope you will have a lovely celebration!

  2. Love the positive outlook on life. I read the other day about the condition that you have and I can only imagine how that´s like. My own mother has arthritis and before she started taking medication for it (or even knew of her condition) she woke up with a crick on her neck for over a year and she couldn´t get rid of it.

    Tough times should always be seen as a nudge in the right direction. There is always something good in a day / life 🙂

  3. Hi Sophie dear,
    First let me say that I am sorry for not commenting lately… but I do want you to know that I have been continuing to read your blog, every word and by this point, it’s one of the few I actually read in its entirety! And second, I am just so sorry you are feeling blarghhh lately, you so do not deserve that 😦 However, I commend you on staying positive and really making the effort to. It’s honestly something I have been working on lately as well and I realize more and more how negative of a person I am, especially towards myself. It is fantastic that you are taking control of your own mind here and making the best of how you are feeling.
    Oh and Happy almost 5 year anniversary!! Wow that is exciting and I am thrilled for you 🙂

  4. I love your positive attitude, Sophie. I truly admire those who are able to stay optimistic and cheerful despite the obstacles that they face. I hope your condition improves and you start to feel better and get stronger day by day, but in the meantime, try to stay positive!

    P.S. Happy 5th anniversary!!! That is so wonderful!!!

  5. Lovely! I’m always so impressed and motivated by your attitude–because it does so much! Staying positive makes you feel better–but all those people that notice you’re chirpy and perky? I bet THEY feel better and positive around you too–’cause it’s pretty hard to stay all negative when someone’s helping you realize it’s just not so bad!

  6. A beautiful post and I am truly glad that you see with such optimism and positivity; but never downplay your own mountains – it is true that there is suffering we can’t imagine, but it is also true that we are all climbing our own hurdles and we should remember just how strong we are for doing so.

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