Life Lately.

Wow. Things have been so busy for me for the past couple of weeks. I have an insanely long pile of reading to do, I have a presentation to write and give next week (ahh!) and I have an essay to write for next month. Oh dear…

Luckily I have lots of great stuff going on too so I’m just about managing to keep my head above the water. Tom is coming to visit this weekend and we haven’t seen each other in three weeks so it’ll be lovely to be reunited and be able to spend some time together. I went to see Les Mis (again) last night with a friend and we both cried (again), it’s such a moving film, each song is so rousing that you can’t help but get emotionally involved with the story. If you haven’t seen it yet I definitely recommend it, even if musicals aren’t really your thing, my mother isn’t keen on musicals and she loved it. My most exciting piece of news is that I am going to be moving out in September! For those of you that don’t know, I transferred to a uni closer to home this year so that I could live at home to make life easier for me because of my condition. However I’m going to get the best of both worlds in my final year, I’ll be in my hometown which I find easier to get around, I’ll be close to home, but I’ll get to live with friends and experience the typical student life. I’m really excited to make the move and get on with my life with my uni friends 🙂

I thought I’d do a photo recap of life lately, with everything going on I’ve not had much time to stop and blog or take proper photos so here is an Instagram summary of the past week or so!


My current addiction: hot chocolate | Roast chicken Sunday dinner | Starting the morning well


Pasta, my saviour | Floral beauty | More chocolatey goodness of the drinkable sort


Last week’s baking fun | Homemade pizza | Fresh lunch


Sunday lunch – chicken and mushroom pie | Heavy reading | A fruity start to the day


Smile | Sunlit tulips | Healthy dips for lunch


Cooking dinner for the family | Quinoa, courgettes, red peppers and onions | Sleepyheads

What have you been doing lately?
How is 2013 shaping up for you now that we’re in February?

Sophie x



  1. I’m planning on doing the same thing in the near future, moving out that is. The year is starting off crazy for me, but very exiting as well. Hope it continues on that positive note 🙂

  2. Great photos (as always!) Yummy eats all week 🙂 The homemade pizza looks amazing and I love the picture of the tulips! As for this year – it is shaping up to be great so far! Almost done with my teaching license and have a few trips already planned. YAY!

  3. Hooray!!! Congrats on the great, great news! 🙂 Am loving ALL of the photos in this post! Especially the hot chocolates and pasta! Heh.

    ps. Will u be posting the recipe for the Quinoa, courgettes, red peppers and onions? I have a bag (of quinoa) to finish and am all out of ideas! Thx!

  4. I’m new to this blog, so this would be my first time commenting. Like you, I capture most of my photos using my phone too! Don’t have time to whip out a camera! Your life lately sounds wonderful, trust me when I say most of the things you do/ eat are what I’ve been longing to do/ eat!

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