These Snowy Days.

Ah snow. It spreads its thick white blanket across the country with such speed and all of a sudden the countryside is unrecognizable.

Snow is such an inconvenience when you need to travel, I spent over an hour stood watching the announcement boards in Kings Cross station on Monday morning praying that the incredibly delayed train would eventually arrive and not get cancelled like the one before (it  finally arrived!). It causes road problems and can be super dangerous. It makes cycling a nightmare. It turns to ice on the paths…


But despite all of that I can turn my mind and see its beauty. The fields and trees look wonderful, and everything seems so bright with the sun reflecting off the snow.

The last week or so has mostly been spent being laaaazy. Like wake up at 10am and don’t get dressed till after lunch kind of lazy! It’s just been so nice to have some time to relax and not have to do anything. I have been doing some things mind you, just nothing taxing. I’ve been reading lots (I have a review planned for you), I’ve been organizing my things, baking and I spent the weekend in London with Tom. We had a lovely weekend meeting up with his old friends from uni and spending nights/mornings curled up watching comedy on TV. I adore spending weekends with him 🙂



Went for Chelsea buns with a uni friend | Reading for my course in between more enjoyable reads | The epitome of my ideal lazy day


The first snow | Comfort food – cheese, ham and pea pasta bake | Saturday night in Camden


Snowy walk to the gym | Frozen stream | Red berry surrounding by a blanket of white

Going back to the gym today felt great, the way working out should feel, so hopefully I’ll have the energy to carry on going. I have heaps of reading to do for the new term so that’s what I’ll be busy doing for the rest of the week. I also feel like baking something cake based so watch this space…

I hope you’re all having a lovely week and if it’s snowy where you are that it isn’t too much of a hassle!

Do you like the snow or is it just a hassle?
How’s the first month of 2013 shaping up to be for you?

Sophie x



  1. I love your description of these lazy, winter afternoons. I think you perfectly captured the same emotions I have towards snow and cold weather. It really looks like you’ve had a nice few days. Stay warm and keep reading 🙂

  2. I´m originally from the Philippines and my first experience of snow was in December 2010. We went to Baqueira Beret and i LOVED it. I have been back more times since then. I first learned how to snow board and then tried skiing and I like the latter better 🙂 I enjoyed sipping hot chocolate after a few hours of classes!

    2013 is starting off on a very positive note — translation: additional teaching hours which were so hard to come by in 2012 for some reason. So with that great start I am definitely looking forward to what the rest of the year holds.

    Daphne xx

    1. Oh wow, I’ve never been skiing or snowboarding but they both look so exciting/scary! Hot chocolate after being out in the cold is the best 🙂

      I’m glad your year has started so well!

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