Not Much Tops Noodles…

…Especially when you don’t have to pay!

On Wednesday evening I got a real treat, my sister and I decided to go out for a meal at one of our favourite restaurants, Wagamama. I’m fairly sure that I’ve blogged about going there before but I have to reiterate, the food is delicious.

Plus, my sister paid for the whole meal, I clearly have the best sister ever!

It’s one of those restaurants where you seem to find a dish you adore and then you just don’t want to stray from it. That’s certainly how Alice and I am anyway. She has a thing for rice so her choice is obvious – Chicken Raisukaree which is chicken stir-fried in coconut curry sauce with a nice big mound of rice.

The sauce in this curry is absolutely divine, I always have to dip my chopsticks in it a couple of times to steal some!

Now my dish is not a curry. But it includes several of my favourite things… courgettes, mushrooms, mangetout, tofu…

The dish is called Yasai Chilli Men and is basically made up of stir-fried tofu and vegetables with a chilli sauce and whole wheat noodles. I am somewhat addicted to this dish. I should probably branch out and try a different dish but I every time I’m in there I think I’ll be disappointed if it doesn’t stand up to this! (Oh woe is me)

Usually we’re more starter and main kind of girls, however there are a couple of dessert options here that particularly float our boats.

Alice only ever has dessert in a restaurant if it’s something chocolatey so she always goes for the chocolate fudge cake. I’m more of an ice cream or fruity kind of person so this bowl is perfect for me:

The coconut reika is basically three balls of coconut ice cream, drizzled in mango sauce and topped with toasted coconut flakes. Delicious. Seriously.

Then to finish the meal Alice had the most exciting tea I’ve ever seen (I don’t get out much haha):

Jasmine flowering tea. The flower starts off as a bud and slowly unfurls inside the cup which is fascinating to watch.

We had a lovely evening and left the restaurant feeling suitably stuffed as there’s no pretending that these are light meals. But boy are they satisfying! I definitely recommend taking a trip there if you’ve never been.

Have you ever been to Wagamama?
Do you always eat the same thing in certain restaurants?

Do you go for starter and main, main and dessert, or all three courses?



  1. Thank you for the suggestion.
    – no, but I will definitely go as we have one in downtown Toronto
    – Definitely not the same thing, but I have my preferred restaurants
    – 3 or nothing! :))

  2. Woah! That tea looks awesome. I’ve never seen anything like it either. Both of your dishes sound fabulous and your dessert just looks divine. I usually stick to entrees and sometimes starters when I go out to eat. I always take a look at the dessert menus for inspiration, but hardly ever order one. Every time I do, I enjoy it but think I could make something better at home! Unless it’s something I can’t make like ice cream. I’m a sucker for ice cream.

  3. mmm both dishes look deelicious. And that coconut ice cream. YUM. i bet that toasted coconut takes it to the next level.
    I usually try to eat different things at the same restaurant, but most of the time i’ll stray back to the same dish if it’s something i love. Can’t top the best! haha

  4. I usually like to mix it up when I go to the same restaurants, but there’s something about Wagamamas which always makes me want to go back for the same thing every time! (Chilli Chicken Ramen). I’m also not usually an ice-cream person but that coconut reika is to die for, love the crunchy bits of toasted coconut! Craving it all now, might have to make a trip this week! xoxo

  5. The coconut ice cream would be a real treat!

    I normally hate going out to eat as I can make better meals at home, usually…

    But I think I could make an exception to sample some coconut ice cream. Never had any before and wouldn’t mind trying something new.

  6. Umm, I order Yassai chilli men every time I go to Wagamama too!! it’s just the best isn’t it? I adooore the fluffy , fried pillows of tofu in it.
    I also ALWAYS order their raw salad to go along with it , have you tried it? The dressing & crispy onion topping make the salad pretty epic:).

  7. I do tend to go for the same dishes at certain restaurants. I say I want to try new things, but it’s hard to stray from something you love!! This dish looks so good and I love that kind of tea!

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