Look Who’s Back!

Well hello there!

It’s been almost three weeks since I last blogged (what?!). That is by far the longest I’ve ever gone without posting and I’ve hardly been present online at all so I want to say sorry for neglecting everyone! I have really missed everybody and I’m definitely going to be catching up with all of you. Basically the short story is that I’ve been really ill recently. As in really ill. Each day, all of my energy was taken up by cycling to uni and going to lectures, the minute I got home I was straight back in bed. It’s been months since I’ve felt that extremity of exhaustion and to be honest it’s been tough. I didn’t feel like blogging because a) I had absolutely zero energy, b) I didn’t want to be super negative to you all, and c) I was doing next to nothing so I had nothing to write about!

But, after a slightly better week, and a really lovely weekend in London with Tom, I thought it was time to say hi again 🙂

I’m going to keep it simple, I figured I’d manage another instagram round-up of the past couple of weeks. As I said, I haven’t done an awful lot but I have managed to take a few pictures here and there. Last week I had a short assignment, it wasn’t a difficult piece but I really struggled to find enough hours when I didn’t feel like the dead walking so it took me longer than planned. Now I have to start all of my research for my four main essays this semester, wish me luck!

Autumn leaves | Stewed apples and homemade langue de chat | Raspberry and apple pie

Cycling from uni | Always reading | Autumnal fuchsias

Baking | Peanut butter cookies – so good! | Brioche from France 🙂

Pink metallic nails | Pasta bake comfort | I made a new veggie stir-fry

Gu chocolate fondant… oh my gosh! | More pastaaa | Fireside

Halloween pumpkin carving | Little Alice mouse | Isn’t she a beauty?

Poppy greetings | Chinese lanterns | Gorgeous chicken satay skewers

Tuna pastry | The perfect relaxing bath | New cookbook!

Sunday lunch | Apple crumble | New haircut

More stir-fry | Delicious blueberry and raspberry smoothie | Starbucks time – toffee nut latte

The best hot chocolate flavour = honeycomb! | Panini | Leftovers

So here’s a little catch up from me, now give me all of your news! I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend and have a great week 🙂

What’s been happening in your life at the moment?
Favourite hot drink of the moment?

Who’s starting to get excited for Christmas? (Me!!)



  1. I’m so excited you’re back and feeling a bit better! I LOVE that fireplace, is it in your house? As soon as I get to the UK I’m making a beeline for all of the coffee shops to try their Christmas drinks, they look delicious!

  2. Me: I have 3 papers to write (50 pages total) and 80 papers to grade plus 80 finals to grade within the next five weeks. Can we put this chronic fatigue thing on hold for now?

    I can’t wait for Christmas either. And I feel your pain. Hang in there girl. We’re almost there!!!


  3. So lovely to hear from you Sophie! I’m so sorry to hear how poorly you’ve been feeling. Oh how I wish I could help you in some way! You’re always in my thoughts. I think you’re an incredible person and I totally admire how you battle on through despite the obstacles you face. Don’t ever give up! I’ll be here, ready to read your posts whenever you feel like posting. It doesn’t matter how infrequently that is (any pressure we feel to blog a certain amount of times is totally self-induced… I know this from experience 😉 ) xx

  4. Oh no, I am so sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling ill. Glad to see that you are back and are feeling a bit better!

    ps. YES! I have been listening to my XMAS playlist every day since it’s snowed. Lol.

  5. YAY you’re back!!!! BOOOO you’re ill 😦 Sophie I feel for you, I tend to feel tired every day and I have no clue why. It might be my anemia but I can’t imagine dealing with what you do everyday 🙂 You’re my super star. SOOOOOO happy you’re back XOXOXOX

  6. Sorry to hear you’ve been struggling recently, I hope your energy levels are on the up! I’ve tried the salted caramel latte at costa, which I liked, but couldn’t taste much saltiness. I also tried the Gingerbread and Toffee nut ones from Starbucks, Not a massive fan of the gingerbread, but the toffee one was nice! I’m a bit annoyed that I missed out on the Pumpkin spice one!

  7. Loovee love all your photos!! Your haircut is great, that cat is adorable, the food and drinks look so good and I am so glad you popped in to write a post!! I AM SO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS!! I hope you feel better soon pretty lady!

  8. Aw man, I love your instagram photos so much, I drool about your food every single time. I wished you could do recipes for every single one of them. 😀
    Loving your blog, hope you’re good. x

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