This Week #8.

Oh dear. I can’t believe I only posted once this week… I’m really sorry for disappearing for five days, I’ve been napping a lot this week and just generally feeling shattered most of the time which means I don’t really have the energy or drive to post. I am plowing through and I have now completed three full weeks of second year at my new uni. I can’t quite believe it has already been three weeks, this term is already flying past, in nine weeks I will have written four assessments, have completed my first term of second year and be breaking up for my Christmas holidays! Absolutely crazy.

Despite the exhaustion I am actually ahead on my reading, I’ve done nearly everything for week 4 and I’m just starting William Godwin’s Caleb Williams and Shakespeare’s Hamlet. I did do a couple of nice things this week, on Thursday afternoon I met in town with a friend from back at Sixth Form. We had a nice catch-up and it was lovely to see her again after, we hadn’t met in a couple of months. Then this weekend Tom came to stay which was wonderful as usual. Having him with me always perks me up, we went to the gym together on Saturday afternoon and had a great workout. We had a really relaxing evening and made a late morning trip into town for Sunday coffee 🙂

View on the way home from lectures | Blake reading | Home comforts – spaghetti bolognese

Breakfast magazine | Carbonara | Positive inspiration ❤

Vegetables, crackers and humous for lunch | Hot chocolate time | Pick-me-up treats

Vegetable couscous | Autumn leaves | Lemon chicken perfection

Bedtime snuggles | Sunday caramel latte | Bircher muesli brunch

This week I also decided to start my Christmas shopping – it always pays to be organised! The little mid-week indulgent purchases will probably be the last thing I buy for myself this term because I need to save and have enough money for presents. I already have ideas for each person I have to buy for so I’m quite pleased with myself. I don’t really have any plans for this week yet, I just want to write formative assessment, get to the gym three times and try to blog around four times…

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend 🙂

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What have you been doing this weekend?
Any plans for the new week?

Do you do your Christmas shopping early?



  1. I’ve been working all weekend 😦 so it’s an early night for me.

    Honestly, my week in quiet boring and consists of mostly school, school work and driving lessons however this week i have a induction day at my local hospital for volunteering which i am so so so excited about,

    And yes i do, do Christmas my shopping early because i plan all my presents in the hope i can give them the perfect present- a lot of planning and research goes into my presents.

    Plus who want to be spending Christmas eve rushing out, in and out of shops when you could be watching Christmas films in the comfort of your own home.

    1. Oh poor you, working on weekends is never fun! I hope your volunteering induction goes well, that sounds really exciting 🙂

      I like to plan to buy the perfect presents too, my boyfriend’s is often the most complicated one but this year I already have it!

  2. Errrr no to early Christmas shopping. December is my favourite time. I know some people hate the queues, the crowds, the general busyiness of December shopping but that’s my favourite part. I LOVE the Christmas songs in all the shops, the cold, the busy people, the fact that everything is Christmassy – it’s like magic. I just adore the season and Christmas shopping is about watching everyone else do it too…none of this Amazon stuff, it’s like taking the soul out of Christmas shopping. I’m not saying I like Christmas Eve style shopping but not l’m not into pre-late-November prezzie shopping. Maybe it simply reflects my disorganised, slightly anxious, everything-tempts-fate type personality! 😉

    1. Oh don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas shopping in December too – December from the 1st to the 25th is my absolute favourite time of the year 🙂 I just need to be organised because I have assessments due the 19th and I need to spread the buying out because of finances haha!

  3. I can’t believe how short college semesters are compared to my younger school years. I also can’t believe Christmas is right around the corner! That’s awesome you’re on top of it and already have your gifts planned out. I have no idea what I’m getting people but I had my Christmas list written up months ago! haha. Not just because I’m a tad selfish, but it used to be that every time someone asked me what I want when Christmas came around I would never have an idea. So throughout the year if I see something I want I write it down for Christmas. That way I get stuff I actually want rather than useless items I’ll never use because I told them I didn’t care what they got me haha.

    1. I know what you mean! We used to have half term holidays cutting the term in half but now in eight weeks I’ll be on holiday! I already need the time off though… haha.

      Don’t worry I’ve been jotting things down for exactly the same reason 😛

  4. Bircher muesli is one of my favorite things. soo creamy and delicious 🙂
    I haven’t even thought about christmas yet, but now that you mention it I’m quite excited for the upcoming holiday! I’m pretty bad at getting gifts early, but maybe this year I can be more organized and start shopping earlier. I think buying gifts for everyone is the best part of the holiday! and just the holiday spirit 🙂

  5. I always leave my Christmas shopping until the last minute – haha! I’m very impressed that you’re organised 🙂
    It’s lovely to read your posts, but don’t put pressure on yourself to write. You must be busy at uni that’s tiring for a 100% healthy person xxx

  6. I am jealous of your organization–already getting ready for Xmas?? I need to get on that. Or at least start making lists or something, I always end up overwhelmed at the last minute! And I missed that pic of you and Tom on IG, you are such a sweet couple. So glad you got some time , sounds both relaxing (well, minus the gym part ;D) and fun when you guys are together.

  7. Aww Sophie so sorry to hear you have been feeling just terrible 😦 I sooo wish you would feel better, more energized and alive because you most certainly deserve it dear!
    On another note, good for you for being so organized, very impressive! I always say I am going to do christmas stuff early and then suddenly it is a week away and I am scrambling to find exceptional gifts for my friends and family. Better to plan early 🙂

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