This Week #7.

I probably say this pretty often but I honestly can’t believe how quickly this week has been. It’s just flown by and before you know it, I’m about to begin my third week at my new university! I am pleased to report that so far so good. I’m really enjoying the course, I have some great lecturers, I have already read some very interesting texts, and on top of that I have met some lovely people. Although this semester comes packed with at least four assessments (which I am soon going to start planning!) I am feeling extremely positive about this new stage of my life.

This week I have been quite busy, I’ve been to the physio, to the hospital, to a new choir, and to London! The hospital went well on the whole, I have been discharged from CBT, she basically said that it can’t help me much as I already do it all for myself haha. I will be writing an update about all things health-related for you sometime soon as there are a few changes. London this weekend was just wonderful. I took the train down on Saturday morning and I navigated all of the complicated tube line closures which can be irritating but I was pleased with myself for finding my way around it all without panicking 😛 We spent most of the evening snuggled up watching Quantum of Solace followed by Michael McIntyre which was just what I needed after a tiring week!

Stewed plums and Greek yogurt | My favourite courgette spaghetti | Pre-lecture reading

Physio leaflets | Conker collecting! | Curling up with Poppy

Spicy aubergine and tomato with noodles | Baking inspiration | Jamie Oliver’s Pregnant Jool’s Pasta

Field mushroom Welsh rarebit | Apple cake 🙂 | Discovering Marlowe’s Edward II

Burgundy nails and Edward II on the train to London | Noodles | Mini smarties treat

Meerkats! | Roast dinner perfection | My blackberry brulée success

Here’s hoping this week is as good as the last! It’s a little less busy which is a bit of a relief, it should mean I can get ahead with my reading too, I’m doing really well so far. I definitely want to bake this week as I didn’t have time to last week, any suggestions? I’m currently thinking peanut butter cookies…

If you have Instagram too then you call follow me @loveliveandlearn to see my photos as I post them!

What did you do this week?
Do you enjoy autumnal activities like collecting conkers?
Favourite Sunday dinner?



  1. The tube line closures at the weekends are a blooming nuisance!

    Glad you had fun in your downtime! You picked a good weekend for weather!

    I love your instagram, all your pictures are so lovely and when food-related, super yummy-looking! 😉

    Hope you have a great week!

  2. I know I’ve complimented your pasta-meals before, but seriously, I could stare at them all day. And eat them, of course, but I can’t do that through Instagram, unfortunately… SO happy to here that you’re loving your semester and the changes you’ve made! YAY!

  3. Stewed plums and greek yogurt sounds good! I used to love Smarties as a kid when I lived in the UK for two years.

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