I have just started reading Marlowe’s Edward II and so far so good. Despite being a lover of Shakespeare, I have only read one play by this particular contemporary of his – Doctor Faustus so I’m looking forward to getting into a bit more Marlowe. I bought a copy of the complete plays so I’m planning on reading another one in the Christmas holidays (yes I plan my reading this far ahead!). I finished Moby Dick at the beginning of the week and I also read Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas earlier, both for my American lit class. I’d definitely recommend both to anyone looking for something to read, the latter is unlike any other book I’ve read and it is really interesting to learn a little more about the history of slavery in the US.

Listening to… 

Lately I’ve been listening to a singer I only just found called Mindy Gledhill. She just has a lovely, sweet voice and her songs just make me smile, I’m pretty sure some people would find her a little irritating but I really like her voice! Favourite songs are California and Whole Wide World.


Of course anyone who follows me on Instagram (loveliveandlearn) or Twitter (@I_LoveLiveLearn) will already know that I absolutely adore The Great British Bake Off which I watch every week and drool over. I’m also watching a lot of beauty youtubers at the moment, my current most watched are probably Fleur De Force, Tanya Burr, and Lily Pebbles. These gorgeous women are part of the reason I have a ridiculously long beauty wishlist!


A lot. My appetite has been through the roof lately, I think it’s because for the last few days I’ve been cycling a lot more than usual. I cycled 10 miles on Wednesday and about 6 miles on Thursday which is obviously not a lot for proper cyclists but when you have my knees it’s pretty far! So I’ve been eating quite a bit of wholemeal toast with honey or butter and marmite in the afternoons which is something I ate after school for years so it brings me comfort.


Burgundy. Bordeaux. Oxblood. Wine. Deep red-y purples. I love this sort of colour, it seems to be hugely popular this year but I’ve always loved it because my ballet school’s leotard uniform was maroon. It’s such a perfect autumnal colour and it is the colour my nails are currently painted (Essie’s Bahama mama for those of you who are interested).

Dreaming of…

Christmas. I can’t help it, it’s less than twelve weeks away now and it’s just my absolute favourite time of the year. I’ve already started present shopping… Apart from that I’m also dreaming of seeing Tom which will be a reality tomorrow! I’m going to stay with him over Saturday night and I’m so excited as we haven’t seen each other in two weeks now, I’m sure it’ll be a lovely weekend 🙂



Thursday lunch with my mother, I went for a field mushroom Welsh rarebit, a side of cabbage, apple, and raisin slaw, and then a huge slice of apple cake. Delicious!

I hope you have all had a fantastic week and enjoy your weekend 🙂

What are your currently-s?
Are you looking forward to anything special?



  1. loving your ‘currently-s’! and that apple cake looks SO good! – i don’t think i’ve ever had an apple cake before. i’m currently eating apples as they’re coming into season.
    have a wonderful weekend!

  2. So funny! I was looking at the Bath and Body Works website yesterday for candles and saw that they started bringing out the winter ones and suddenly I wanted to listen to my Christmas playlist. Ha.

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