This Week #6.

I’m not even going to bother apologising for the lack of posts as that seems to be the only way I start them, this week I have a better excuse than usual – I started my first semester at my new university! My head has been filled with books and historical periods, poems and critical analysis, timetables and notes… I’ve had little time to think of anything else. It’s been pretty good so far though, my lectures and seminars have been really interesting and everyone there seems friendly 🙂

I’ve got piles of reading to do already but the literature nerd lover in me is already rejoicing at the sight of new books to discover. This week I’m reading an American work called Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass which is about the life of Frederick Douglass (no surprises there!) and the abolition of slavery. It’s a fascinating topic and not something we learn much about in the UK so I’m finding it really interesting. I’m also working my way through some interesting literature about the Victorian period, some Elizabeth Barrett Browning poetry, and an essay about Romantic literature. I’ve signed up for the uni choir and there is an introductory session for that on Wednesday, hopefully it will be fun and a nice opportunity to meet some different people.

This week has been seriously exhausting but it’s also great to get back into a routine and have a few more structured things to do. Now for the usual Instagram photo recap to share the rest of my week with you:

Chicken and mango stir-fry | Weekday lunch | Inspiration notebook

Chili con carne wintery comfort food | Cheeky Baileys nightcap | Morning flowers

Current favourite dinner | Light bedtime reading… ahem | Sushi time!

English muffins | Wonderful bircher muesli | Perfect autumn meal – homemade tomato soup


Gü chocolate indulgence | Everyday breakfast | Trek bars to review!

Homemade burger | Saturday afternoon relaxation | Sunday reading

So there you have my little weekly recap, I hope you enjoy these posts, I really like putting them together 🙂

This week is pretty busy for me – I have two hospital appointments on top of my week of lectures but I will definitely make an effort to post a little more than last week! I’m looking forward to getting a bit more into my course and I will hopefully be off to London next weekend. I hope you’ve all had a great weekend and have a fantastic week, I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone’s blogs.

If you have Instagram too then you call follow me @loveliveandlearn to see my photos as I post them!

What have you been doing this weekend?
Any plans for this week?
What is your ideal Sunday afternoon activity?



  1. Your posts inspire me to study English literature next year! I have always considered it, but it’s really becoming something I want to do. Do you know what you want to do after uni? That Gu pot looks delicious, it’s going onto the list of things to try when I get to the UK!
    Have a wonderful week! (: x

    1. Oh really, that’s great 🙂 I’m glad I can be inspiring! I don’t really know yet, I’m thinking about primary school teaching, or maybe doing a masters before deciding…! Hope you’re well lovely 🙂

  2. Looks like you’re really good at getting stuff done! Even when I have a few lectures in a day, it means I can’t be bothered cooking a healthy meal (let alone making my own burger) or doing any kind of work! I think you’re doing brilliantly xxxxx

  3. it sounds like you’re having a great start at your new university! i’m getting hungry looking at your photos. hehe. have a wonderful week! 🙂

  4. That’s exciting you started your frist semester! I feel you on being so busy with school. I’ve been swamped with that and work! It’s nice to feel busy though. Sounds like a week filled with great food, as always! Also, I hope your hospital appointments go well!

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