This Week #5.

I wish I could start this post sounding much positive than my last weekly Instagram recap but I have to say, I’ve still been ill, as I said in my last post. I hate to be so negative but at the same time I want to be real on my blog, I think that sometimes the blogworld, particularly healthy living and lifestyle blogs, can present such a rosy picture of life and it’s just not realistic. (However, if your life is all dandy 100% of the time then lucky you, please don’t take offence!)

Having said all of this, I did have a couple of really lovely days so I have some nice things to tell you about, thank goodness! On Wednesday and Thursday morning I had my first sessions at my new uni. I was so nervous but in the end it was causeless, I found the rooms easily, the lecture was interesting and informative, and my personal tutor was absolutely lovely plus really helpful 🙂 On Thursday I also went into town for lunch with my mother which was really pleasant, we went to my favourite cafe and had a nice long natter. Then yesterday afternoon Tom got on the train and came to stay the night here with me which was just so wonderful. It was such a treat and I seriously felt like I needed to be with him, when I’m with Tom I can forget the fact that I spent the week exhausted and in pain and we always have heaps of fun together!


First taste of nutella in months! | Pasta salad | Pink face just back from the gym

Spaghetti bolognese – so comforting | Minimal makeup low maintenance face | Cinnamon raisin bagel

Baking success 🙂 | Coconut and raspberry slice | More comfort

Nervous for uni | Salmon and couscous salad with my mother | Hot chocolate

Porchester Square nails | Dippy egg and soldiers | Sunday morning latte

Frangipane and fig tart | Ham, cheese and spinach pancake | Cuddles with Poppy

Tomorrow is my very first day of lectures and seminars at my new university. I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty nervous! I have a 9am two-hour seminar on American literature to start so that’s a little daunting, then I have an hour lecture on Shakespeare and Renaissance drama. I hope it’s a) interesting and b) not too scary. Because of course I’ve only been enrolled at the university for a few weeks I haven’t had the reading list for long, nor have I got any information on what we’re supposed to have already done, if there was any preparation to do etc. Hopefully I won’t be behind the others/completely out of my depth…

It’s meant to rain here most of this week so I’m looking forward to turning up to my first ever seminar with my hair plastered to my forehead and my makeup smudged under my eyes!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend and have a great week 🙂

What have you been up to this week?
Have you got any new things happening?



  1. Sorry to hear you still aren’t feeling well! I know for a fact my life is not just dandy all of the time. I try to keep it real on the blog, but a lot of times I just don’t have time to share it all. Hope you feel better!

  2. I’m glad you have a lot of good going on to balance out the not-so-good. And nobody’s life is all roses and sunshine, so I see nothing wrong with blogging about that! And I continue to always drool over all your food. Everything looks so good!

  3. I’ve never heard the word “natter” before! Does it mean “conversation” ?

    I think it’s important to use your blog to express whatever feelings you want to express. Sometimes it’s happiness, sometimes not. Regardless, it’s your place to use as you like 🙂

  4. Good luck tomorrow! I also completely agree with you about blogs sometimes mis-representing life to be oh so happy every single day. I also understand that some folks just don’t want to dwell on the negative but let’s be real. life can be crazy.

    I know I keep saying this in all my comments, but I really do hope you feel better soon!

    ps. it’s so sweet that your man was able to spend time with you and keep the blues away. 1000+ brownie points for him. 🙂

  5. You are so pretty, Sophie! So happy you got to see your mom and Tom – so nice to see people you love when you’re feeling off.

    I totally get what your saying about the HLB world – everything is never perfect for everyone, all the time!

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