What I Ate Wednesday No.43


Yup, it’s another Wednesday and this week I though I’d join in with the WIAW happenings thanks to the lovely Jenn!

Often I don’t really join in with the theme set for WIAW but I really like this theme, it fits in especially well with my week off sugar. The comments have been somewhat divided between those of you who either have already done a sugar cleanse or eat very little sugar, and those who say they couldn’t/wouldn’t ever give sugar up! I have to say, just because I am taking the week off doesn’t mean I’m planning on giving up sugar permanently. Firstly, I adore traditional baking (and eating traditional cakes!) so that would suffer, secondly as I said yesterday I believe in balance and honouring your cravings.


My breakfast is the meal of the day which holds the sweetest indulgence for me this week! I always top my weetabix with fresh fruit and I think that because I haven’t been eating any extra sugars the fruit tastes extra sweet.


It’s funny but while I can’t indulge in one of my favourite food groups I seem to have turned to another: pasta. I’ve eaten pasta almost everyday this week! My favourite dish has to be this one – whole wheat pasta, rocket, cherry tomatoes and pesto. I feel a little like I am clinging on to the taste of summer, not wanting the longer days to disappear. Having said that I’m really excited for the autumn, I love everything it brings, the change of seasons, the cozy jumpers and boots, the comfort foods, the warm fires, the blanket reading sessions…

Because I’m not eating any sweet things I’ve been eating a little more to compensate for the whole in my diet 😛 This means that I eat more at meals but don’t snack so much. All I had as a snack today was a slice of toast with butter and marmite which is actually very pleasant – it’s definitely a comforting autumn snack for me.

This isn’t actually what I had for dinner this evening but it is another of my little autumn hearty meals. It’s also quite similar to the lunches I’ve been eating, only put together in a different fashion 😉 These have a very original name… Pitta Pizzas. The base is a whole wheat pitta bread, it is topped homemade spicy tomato sauce, a sprinkling of gruyère cheese and then fresh rocket leaves. They’re super easy to put together, especially if you have pre-made a big batch of sauce (which can be frozen in tupperwares) and only need about 15 minutes in the oven.

All in all I think I’ve been eating pretty well this week, what does surprise me a little is that whilst mentally I miss my sweet treats, I don’t actually physically crave the sugar as much as I thought. I had thought I might feel really bad for not having it but the only times I really feel like eating something sweet is when my energy really plummets. It’s interesting to be able to analyse my relationship with sugar although I’m not particularly surprised!

What’s the best thing you’ve eaten recently?
Do you find it interesting to analyse your body’s cravings for certain foods?
What sort of treats do you crave the most?



  1. yum your pasta dishes always look so good! – i love that you added rocket to it. makes it seem extra fresh. i’ve never had marmite before, is it savory?
    i often crave sweet things after dinner and i realized that if i don’t have dessert, i eventually forget about it. but i still like to eat dessert 🙂

  2. I just read the post on cutting sugar.. .very interesting but something I really don’t think I can face lol. I love it way too much, although I am very intrigued to hear your thoughts on it as your time progresses without it! You and my mom would get along nicely, she would eat pasta every.single.day for every meal if she could! Not the best idea though haha. Your food looks tasty as always Sophie 🙂

    1. Haha I know how much you like your sweets! 🙂 I couldn’t do longer than a week! I wouldn’t actually eat it constantly, there were just a few days when I had it everyday. What I love about pasta is that you can vary the dishes so much!

  3. I’ve given up sugar at the moment too, and I love it! I think its best to go with a little sugar as possible, after all its not a food group, its not something our bodies need, and I feel that the more you have, the more you want! Saying that, I’m not giving up cake and chocolate forever!

    1. I agree, it’s not something we need all of the time. Having said that it is the only thing that helps when the fatigue really hits – even though that’s not that healthy! I couldn’t give up cake and chocolate forever 😛

  4. I’m really glad to hear that you’re not craving sugar too terribly! For me, it’s definitely more of an emotional craving than a physical one – and it’s definitely baked sweet treats that I crave the most, like cookies and muffins 😛

  5. I’m totally a sweet treat craver – particualraly all things chocolate. Chips and crackers might as well not exist for me but ask me to give up my coffee and that hurts :P. I’m hanging onto summer for dear life, but it’s hard to ignore the fact it’s pretty much over.

  6. Everytime I come onto your blog I crave weetabix! Your food looks so delicious! I went off sugar a little while back when trying to control Adrenal Gland Fatigue, and I have to agree with you, I didn’t crave sugar as much as I expected. Now, however, I eat sugar, but not in enormous quantities. Have you noticed any side effects or benefits since being off of sugar?

  7. I crave either really salty or really sweet foods. Or both together! It’d definitely be hard for me to give up sugar, especially chocolate, but I think a break from sugar would do the body good from time to time. I’ve actually been trying to eat more fruits instead of reaching for chocolate (my chocolate addiction is getting out of control) and I’m definitely feeling a lot better. I’m starting to cling to summery flavors, too! Then again, I can’t wait for fall and especially winter.

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