Autumn Goals.

Today has been an absolutely lovely lovely day. My first day off this week, I had lots of plans and high hopes which all materialised. Isn’t it great when a plan comes together?

I started my day with a strength training session – my first in weeks! It felt good to feel some soreness in my upper body, my weights definitely felt heavier than they used to when I was lifting more regularly haha.

Lunch was the best bit of the day, I met my lovely friend, Ellie, in town. In fact, we went to my favourite cafe which was a brilliant choice. We chatted for several hours and enjoyed some delicious food. Such a nice way to spend a few hours in the middle of my day 🙂

I went for a roasted butternut squash and five grain salad along with a caramel latte. Delicious!

We also decided to share a sweet treat:

This beauty is a macedamia nut, cranberry and white chocolate blondie. It was really good.

Then, after a wander around the shops with Ellie, I came back home, met my dad, got changed, jumped on my bike and went to the gym. I did 10 minutes on the stationary bike, 15 minutes of HIIT on the cross trainer and then a 5 minute cool-down on the stationary bike again. I am seriously on a role here!

Tonight I’ve been in my pyjamas, tucked up in bed since 8pm which is bliss. I watched The Great British Bake Off which has inspired me to bake tomorrow and I’ve been catching up on lots of lovely blogs.

A perfect day off.


Now, if you’ve been reading my blog for several months then you will know that I have often written posts on monthly goals. It’ll be no surprise to you that I like having goals almost as much as I like writing lists. They focus me and they give me such a wonderful sense of achievement when I succeed with them. Although I really enjoy writing up and trying to complete monthly goals I thought that, as I was starting again at a new uni and I’m going to be really busy, it would make more sense for my light right now to write goals for the whole season of Autumn. Therefore my aim is to have completed them by the end of November.

The goals I give myself always reflect what is happening with my life at the time. I feel that dividing them into themes is the best way of making them realistic and achievable. I don’t want to stretch myself harder than is possible with the goals, if they are completely unrealistic then they won’t get ticked off and that doesn’t serve a purpose, but I do want to push myself and use them to motivate myself to do well!


Start reading. I have a huuuge reading list for my first semester (which starts in three weeks!!) and I really want to get off to a strong start having read some of the books for each of my module. Most of them have arrived which is a relief, and there are some really beautiful copies. I’ve started with Moby Dick which I’m really enjoying and then I’m moving on to Great Expectations.

Set up a good work environment. My arrangement at home couldn’t be much better for inducing a work environment separate from my bedroom. My mum and I are sharing the study so I can have all of my uni things and work in there, then keep my bedroom as a sanctuary for relaxing in. I want to set up my desk before I start the semester and then keep my study space organised and clutter-free so that I can work easily.

Stay on top of things. I can imagine that, as I am going into my second year, the work will pile up quickly. Last year, because I became quite ill near the beginning and spent so much time completely debilitated by fatigue, I really struggled to keep up with my work and I don’t want that to happen again this semester. My aim is to do my work as soon as it is set (wherever possible) and to start assignments early so that I can spread them out and stay ahead.


Get back into a fitness routine and plan workouts weekly. Since joining the gym just over a week ago I’ve been trying to up my workouts and I’ve already started to feel more alive because of it. It’s great to be exercising again and I’m really feeling positive about it! I want to be at the gym 3-4 times a week and to be strength training about 3 times a week with some stretching sessions thrown in. To try to keep this going I’m going to make an effort to plan my workouts each week and keep motivated.

Eat cleanly 90% of the time. On the whole, I eat a pretty healthy diet, however I do fall down occasionally when it comes to sweet things. I crave sugar a lot – it mostly stems from the artificial boost of energy sugary foods give me which I used (wrongly) when I was really struggling to get through the day at uni last year. I want to cut this sort of snacking out completely and just eat clean, healthy food. Of course I will treat myself when I really fancy it, I believe balance is important.


Cook and bake more often. Pretty self-explanatory really. I love creating food, be that delicious nutritious meals or fabulous cakes, so I want to do it more often! I have lots of great cookbooks so I’m planning on making dinner for the family as often as I can, maybe once a week, and on baking something new and exciting each week 🙂

Make my summer scrapbook. Again, obvious. I can’t wait to put all of my photos and the things I collected from this summer together.

Join societies/clubs at uni and find an opportunity to volunteer. I’m looking forward to making the most of extra curricular opportunities at uni, especially if I can find somewhere to sing and it would be lovely to try something new too. I also want to set up some voluntary work at a local primary school as experience in case I decide to do a PGCE after my undergraduate studies.

So, here you have a mammoth post on my goals! I hope you enjoyed reading them and maybe even felt inspired to make some of your own Autumn goals…

What’s your Saturday been like?
Have you got any goals for the month/for Autumn?



  1. I just love all of these goals, they look wonderful – cooking and baking more is something I’m really looking forward to about the autumn. I’ve also just changed the furniture around in our living room to make our mini dining table more desk like as I’m doing more working from home in the future 🙂

    1. Thank you Laura! I love baking in the autumn time, having the oven on warming the room and the scent of fresh baking in the house is so comforting 🙂 Oh that’s a good idea, I hope you enjoy working at home!

  2. September is a great times for making goals and trying something new. I think they are good goals and it sounds like you are really ready to attack the next academic year!
    I haven’t made any particular goals this month, although I’m still working on the ones that I made at the beginning of the year.

    1. I definitely agree, I think I’ll carry on using September as a refresh month even once I’ve finished with education! I’m still trying to work on my New Year goals too, I’ve tried to link my goals throughout the year back to those ones to make sure I succeed in them 🙂

  3. i can see why that is your favorite restaurant…your food looks amazing! Nothing like a good latte to give you a boost mid day 🙂
    Those are some really great goals you’ve set! – I really should set more goals because it feels so amazing to achieve them. And it’s something to work towards!

  4. Great goals! I’m definitely with you on staying top of my school work. iIt’s so nice not to have to constantly worry about getting stuff done last minute. I love that you want to start baking and cookie more, too! Can’t wait to see the gorgeous pictures of the final products you make! Also, It sounds like you had a lovely lunch at your favorite cafe 🙂

  5. What a lovely post! I’m big on setting goals myself (I made a list of 30 things I want to do this year and always make a ‘bucket list’ of things I want to do each season); it’s such a lovely encouragement to do the things we truly want or need to do, rather than just getting bogged down in everyday minutae.

    Briony xx

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