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Hey lovely readers!

Today I have something a little different for you. A couple of weeks ago I was emailed by a fellow blogger about raising awareness for hearing loss and the effects that poor health can have on hearing loss. Although this is a slight departure from what I normally blog about, it is a topic close to my heart as both of my grandfathers are very hard of hearing. I hope you get something from reading this informative post, I am sure many of you have someone who suffers from hearing loss in your family.

John writes a blog which highlights issues surrounding hearing, if you’re interested in this topic I recommend a read.

Lifestyle Changes Can Prevent Hearing Loss

Many people assume they will one day need help in the hearing department. The reason for this is that many people associate aging with hearing loss. While this is partly true, it is not the only factor that contributes to hearing loss. Many people who experience some type of hearing loss could have prevented it at a younger age, but because so many people do not know they can actually prevent something that they consider a definite. Not everyone can prevent hearing loss that does come with age, but many people can prevent hearing loss that they are inflicting upon themselves by not living a healthy lifestyle.

Living a healthy lifestyle is one of the best ways people can prevent hearing loss. In fact, a healthy lifestyle is such a good way to prevent hearing loss that more people should take note of what small changes they can make in their own lives and implement them immediately. Many people who experience hearing loss experience it due to poor choices they made when they were younger. The things people do and the things they put into their bodies are directly related to their hearing loss. The use of a hearing aid is an option to help people who currently are affected by hearing loss while following the tips below are ways to help prevent and protect yourself from hearing loss.

Loud Noise

One healthy lifestyle change people can make to prevent hearing loss is to wear ear protection when they work with loud noises. People who do not work in factories or with loud equipment might think this bit of information does not apply to them, but it does. Loud equipment that is damaging to the ears is not found only in factories. People who work on farms, on oil rigs, and who simply mow their own lawns need to wear earplugs or earmuffs. Furthermore, people who do simple things at home such as saw wood for the fireplace with a chain saw should wear earplugs. Too much exposure to these types of noises without earplugs could mean hearing problems later in life.

Too Much Music

Many people love to put their earphones in their ears and turn up their iPods to a level that’s so loud they are immediately motivated to get to working out, cleaning up, or doing whatever else. However, these people don’t seem to realize that the level of their music is making their eardrums vibrate uncontrollably, which is damaging to the eardrums. This will cause hearing loss. Turn down the music to save hearing.

A Poor Diet

When people eat food that isn’t good for them, it can affect their hearing negatively. Most people might not understand this because, frankly, what does hearing have to do with dessert? The answer is a simple one: People who eat a poor diet are more likely to suffer from diabetes. People who suffer from diabetes are twice as likely as people who do not suffer from diabetes to experience hearing loss. People who don’t necessarily eat the healthiest foods on the menu should go ahead and make that change now.


Making the decision to smoke is a bad one no matter how people look at it. It’s the number one cause of lung cancer, it kills people, it makes them smell bad, it ruins their teeth and skin, and their secondhand smoke is dangerous to everyone around them. Unfortunately, this is not enough to make people quit smoking. Smoking, however, is a cause of hearing loss. Additionally, people who are exposed to secondhand smoke are as much as 70 percent more likely to experience hearing loss later in life than people who are not exposed to secondhand smoke.

Healthy lifestyle changes are easy to make for those who want to save their hearing. While hearing loss cannot be completely prevented, people who do not lose their hearing due to old age can prevent it. There are so many benefits to living a healthy lifestyle that it is simply amazing that more people are not willing to stop making poor lifestyle choices and start making good ones. All it takes is one small change to prevent hearing loss.



  1. I love this post! I’m an audiologist – and I feel that many people will take their hearing for granted! It’s a shame, because once the damage has been done, there’s no going back! x

  2. Over the last couple of years I’ve changed from that girl with the blazing headphones to the girl who complains if the tv is too loud. I don’t want to lose my hearing, so if I have to make lifestyle changes to protect it, so be it!

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