Almost There.

Goodness has this been a really difficult week! The weather has gone from mediocre to pretty damn awful – the skies are permanently gray, the temperatures are those of Autumn and it rains every day, sometimes in torrents. The children this week are a particularly difficult bunch. They seem completely unable to think for themselves and are pretty useless at listening which means we (the play workers) spend our day repeating ourselves and doing half of their work for them so we’re all feeling a little worse for wear. And I have a six-day week…

It’s quite exciting in a way but at the same time I wish I could move it forward a week: a few of the girls my sister works with at the cafe can’t work on Sunday so her boss asked her if I’d be interested in filling in (she knows me now – I spend enough time in there haha!). I figured it would be fun to see what goes on behind the scenes plus you never know, it could lead to a job opening in a few months/a year when I’ll hopefully be a little better on the fatigue front. I love that cafe so I’m definitely more than willing to help out!

Today was a really really long day, especially as the cold and rain meant we had to stay inside for most of the day. My wrists hurt from cutting out so many tiny cardboard shapes for the children’s cardboard Victorian shops and houses. They’re very sweet creations but my gosh do they create a lot of work for me!

I spent most of the day watching the clock and hoping for 4pm to swing round as fast as possible. Tomorrow is my last day and whilst, as I said in my post the other day, I’ve enjoyed my work and it has brought a lot to my summer, I am sincerely looking forward to the end of it and to having a couple of free weeks. Hallelujah 😉

As you may have seen on Twitter/Instagram earlier today, while I was out at work a huge package arrived for me, full of… Books! They are for my course this semester but despite being assigned books I am really looking forward to reading them, several of them have been on my to-read list for a while and lots of them look really good. I still have another massive order which should arrive in the next few days.


I’m starting with Herman Melville’s Moby Dick for my American Literature module which I have wanted to read for a long time and I have high hopes for. Has anyone else read it?

I spent the afternoon alternating between being curled up on the sofa with my mum and sister watching Celebrity MasterChef, and being curled up in bed reading my new (and rather intense looking!) copy of Moby Dick.

Dinner was just what I needed, my kind of comfort food:


Of course my love of pasta is rivaled only by my love of courgettes with chili and garlic! So so good and exactly the thing to make me feel a little warmer inside. I just can’t quite believe we’re already having to say goodbye to the summer…

Anyway I’m off to bed as I need to be reasonably energised tomorrow morning for my last day of work. So so relieved.

What has your week been like? Long or more relaxing?
What are you reading at the moment?



  1. Argh that sounds draining just reading about it. I hate weeks like that! I do however love the looks of your pasta. I am currently reading a sookie stackhouse novel and the eat clean diet. Have a great weekend and let me know if Moby dick is worth the read!

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