Food Lately.

Hey everyone, sorry for yet another disappearance! I’ve not been very well for the past couple of days so haven’t had the energy to sit down and write a post. I’m working Monday – Friday this week with just under eight-hour days so it’s going to be a tiring week. I’m working the two following weeks too so it’s a busy month for me!

I’m feeling a little stressed at the moment because I’ve got lots to do and I’m nervous about starting at a new uni at the end of September. Plus I miss Tom a lot… Still, new and exciting prospects, plus I’ll have a little cash available!

Today’s post is going to be really brief as a) I’m absolutely exhausted and b) I’d like to watch a bit of the Olympic closing ceremony before I fall asleep. I thought I’d share some of the delicious food I’ve eaten recently with you:


On Friday my mother, sister and I went into town for lunch and decided to eat at Pret a Manger. For some reason I haven’t eaten there in years, it’s actually a brilliant place to grab something to eat, there are so many delicious and healthy options to choose from. I went for a crayfish and avocado salad and it was fantastic!


As we’ve been enjoying so much lovely weather we thought Friday evening would be the perfect time for a picnic. Our spread included a chorizo and red pepper tortilla, salamis, mini sausages and sausage rolls, falafel, veg with hummus, homemade bread and kettle chips. Delicious!

After having baked bread I felt the urge to do a bit more baking, I whipped up a chocolate banana loaf and it was so tasty. I love banana in baked goods and adding chocolate just makes the cake amazing 😛



Then yesterday I met the lovely Baiba in town for lunch and I ate some more delicious food – a caramel latte, roasted aubergines and then an apple and coconut bircher muesli which was so so good!

All in all lots of brilliant food which mostly makes up for feeling so under the weather!

Have you eaten anything really delicious lately?
Do you enjoy picnics? What is your ideal picnic food?

On another note, have you enjoyed the Olympics?



  1. Ooooh yum!
    I had a picnic of my own lately: fresh bread with homemade egg mayonnaise topping; a few crisps; cucumber and tomatoes; edamame and mint salad; and strawberries and blueberries for dessert- obviously!
    I hope your week at work goes well, I’m working lots too, it is so tiring.
    I really love your blog 🙂 X also, I saw that salad in Pret a Manger- looked soo good, but I was just going in for a drink, damn!

  2. Oh my gosh, I thought I’d been eating tasty things until I saw YOUR pictures. I want to eat it all!

    And I hope you start feeling better again soon, sorry to hear life’s been a bit rough, but heck, working with kids all day?? That’s exhausting. Hope you’re at least getting some Skype/phone convos with Tom to keep from missing him too much!

  3. Hey there!! I just found your blog and I really love it! Props on everything and I’m excited to be following your blog now to see whats in store next:) I am Lindsey by the way!

  4. All that food looks delicious (then again, you always have good taste in food haha 😉 ). I love going on picnics such a fun environment for eating and chatting with friends. My favorite picnic foods are the classic sandwiches, chips, and potato salad! Mostly carbs haha 🙂

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