Guest Post from Danielle from The Oxford Comma,

Hello again 🙂

Today I’ve got a post from the absolutely lovely Danielle. She and I first started reading each other’s blogs a few months ago now and quickly struck up a friendship, now we email each other weekly and she’s one of my favourite people in the blogworld! Enjoy… 

Hi, I’m Danielle, I write at The Oxford Comma, and I’m so excited to be here writing my first-ever guest post!

Obviously, writing a post for someone else for the first time is a little scary, and at first I was unsure what to write about (in fact, I actually woke up at 3am thinking ‘OH NO I FORGOT TO WRITE SOMETHING’ in an inexplicable panic), but a couple of days ago I came across the most wonderful idea. What do I take from Sophie’s blog?

Looking on the bright side.

I’m not really a healthy living blog reader, mainly because exercise breaks me out in hives (ahem), but Sophie’s positivity is what keeps me coming back – so what I’ve set out to do is to look on the bright side more myself.

As you’ll know if any of you have seen my blog, I recently graduated, and I’m finding the change from student to unemployed bum a bit, well, demoralising. What better time to change my focus from the bad to the good?

I may not be earning money, but I’m gaining in experience, and volunteering for a good cause. A cause much more worthy than my phone bill.

I may not be employed, but I can use this time to improve myself, and I’m taking evening classes in French.

I don’t have to be in a soulless office between 9am and 5pm, so I can walk my dog whenever the tide is out.

I don’t live in the nicest of areas, but if I look up instead of down, and past the graffiti, and odd teenage muggers with their hands down their trousers (by the way, if anyone can enlighten me as to the reasons for this strange habit…), I can see this:


And if that isn’t enough to make me look on the bright side, well then, I’m just a miserable ninny.

What do you do to keep yourself cheerful? Thanks for letting me loose with your blog, Sophie!

I hope you liked this post, I loved reading it – I was really flattered!

What do you take away from this post? And from blogs in general?
How do you stay positive?



  1. Yay, my two favourite bloggers collaborating 😀

    I love this post! I know how hard it is to stay positive while floating around in post graduation limbo, and this is such a good way to approach life.

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