Lovely Sunshine.

The title of this post could be a little deceiving. Let me clear things up, we have absolutely not been enjoying any lovely sunshine. Nope. It has been grey, cold and raining all day! This title refers to something else entirely…

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been tagged for some blog awards so I thought I would complete the tags 🙂

The gorgeous Leelu tagged me for the first award (you can read her post here!) as did the lovely Jessica (her post is here!) and then Lisa Taylor of the Writer’s Block Party blog tagged me in the other (read her post here!).

The rules of the first award are as follows:

a) Link back to those who nominated me
b) Tell you 7 things about me
c) Nominate a bunch of other great bloggers

So here are my 7 things!

1. I love scented candles. They’re just so beautiful and I adore the way the scent fills the room. Something about a lit candle is so magical and scented candles really help to relax me. As well as relaxing me, they also seem to help when I have headaches which is lovely. I currently have two gorgeous candles but I would love some more, I will probably be putting some on my Christmas wish list (yes I’m already thinking about December!).

2.  Although I suffer from both chronic pain and chronic fatigue I dream of one day being able to run. Who knows if it will ever come true but it’s up there on my bucket list. I’m not talking about being able to run a marathon, I’d just like to be able to do a 5k run…

3. Sometimes I daydream about having my own little cafe or cake shop because I love to bake. It would suit me perfectly but I can’t imagine ever taking the plunge. I just like to dream about it, imagining how it would look and the lovely things I would bake.

4. Whilst I love the summertime (ignoring the fact that we haven’t had any summer weather) my favourite time of year is still Christmas. It’s just so wonderful, in my family we have many traditions which I adore and I love the way the holiday can really bring everyone together. I love all of the preparations and the build up. Buying gifts for those I love is something I really like to do so it’s a fantastic time for me 🙂

5. Something that may surprise you is that when I was younger I used to be a really pessimistic person. I don’t know if it was just a teenage thing or something else entirely but at one time I immediately saw the bad side of things and never saw things in a positive light. It’s really strange to think about now as I am such an optimistic person these days!

6. Although I don’t know for sure now, the two career paths I can really see myself pursuing in the future are either working with children in some capacity or writing. I don’t know the specifics but I can’t really imagine any other options that would really make me happy in life.

7. I am incredibly open and honest person, I really struggle to mask my emotions. Whilst I know it can be annoying occasionally I am pleased that I am emotionally open, I think it makes me more approachable and easier to relate to. I can’t lie, it makes me feel ridiculously guilty and I’m usually really easy to read anyway!

As a recipient for the Sunshine Award, I have to answer the following questions:

Favorite number: I always think this is a slightly bizarre question but for reasons I can’t really explain I like the numbers 3 and 7. No idea why though!

Favorite Non-alcoholic drink: This is difficult, in the winter I love hot chocolates, in the summer I like to sip on vanilla lattes 🙂

Facebook or Twitter: I prefer Twitter although I don’t post much on it, I just love it as a medium to find interesting links and articles plus it’s nice to have the instant connection and communication with people. I have a Facebook but other than the fact that I use it to organise social things I would probably delete my profile.

My Passion: I have many passions but if I had to pick an absolute top of the list it would have to be literature. Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while (or have just read the little blurb on the right-hand side!) will know that I study English literature at university and I just love to read. Books are such an important part of my life, they are a lifeline when I’m struggling, they are entertainment, they are learning tools, they are escapism…

Favorite pattern: This is a bit of an odd question but I’ll roll with it. My favourite pattern to wear is either horizontal stripes (preferably in blue and white) as well as polka dots. If we’re talking numerical patterns or something like that then I really don’t know, I’ve always found the Fibonacci sequence fascinating. My room is filled with floral patterns so I clearly love those too.

Favorite Day of the Week: My favourite day of the week is either Monday which I know sounds odd but I love fresh starts and I love making goals and plans for the week ahead, or Saturday because I always have the day free and I often get to spend it doing something fun with Tom!

Favorite Flower: I love flowers so I have quite a few favourites: I really like white or pale pink roses, I love forget-me-nots and snow drops, and I really love lily of the valley because they are so delicate and they remind me of my grandmother 🙂

Okay there you have my answers, now here are the bloggers I am tagging!


I hope you enjoyed this post 🙂

Tell me a fact about yourself or answer any of the questions you fancy!



  1. what about writing children’s books????? combine the two? 🙂

    I tend to love reading books in the 9-12 age bracket 🙂 lol ‘
    and you will run a 5k one day!!!

  2. Ooh, it’s me! I think I’ll answer the Sunshine questions; thinking up seven interesting things without just going ‘here are seven things LOL I’M SO SELF-DEPRECATING’ will just get boring from me, I think!

    Also, love lily of the valley. Love love love.

  3. yay! I would definitely visit your cafe/bakery. I’d fly over to see it!Really! lol.
    You’re a great writer and I can already tell you’d be great with kids, so either of those would be awesome for you!
    I LIKE NUMBERS THREE AND SEVEN TOO! We’re soul mates. 😛

  4. I hope you too can one day run in a race 🙂

    Scented candles define my life – especially during the holidays!! Love the smell of sugar cookies without actually baking them haha

  5. that’s so cool that you study literature! What are some of your favorite novels? I love reading classics – Alexandre Dumas is my favorite author.

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