Paris Recap Part 2 – Days 1 & 2.

So, now that you’ve seen the fantastic flat we stayed in, I want to show you some of the amazing things we did whilst in Paris. We only had five days to squeeze in as many brilliant visits and as much sightseeing as possible which made for a really busy schedule but it was definitely worth the resulting exhaustion!

Day 1.

We spent the first morning taking a lovely walk around Montmartre which is a really nice area (with some super posh houses!) full of little boutiques and cafes with lots to see. It’s a rather long way up to get to the top of the hill so as we had travel cards we thought it would be fun to take the funicular.

Whilst wandering around the streets of Montmartre we came across this sight:

Isn’t it impressive? I just wanted to go right up to it and take a bite but the signs clearly stated that this would be really frowned upon 😉

Situated a little walk away from the top of the hill is the famous Montmartre cemetery which contains the graves of many famous writers, artists, musicians, politicians… They can be a little difficult to locate among the hundreds of graves but we did manage to find a couple:

On the left is Alexandre Dumas – author of The Three Musketeers, and on the right is Émile Zola one of the first writers of the naturalism movement. It was really interesting to walk around peering at the names and dates on the graves, wondering what the people who lie there were like when they were alive. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re a touch morbid like me.

Day 2.

…The Louvre.

Such an experience! If you visit Paris you can’t really go without visiting the Louvre to be perfectly honest. It’s so iconic and getting to see dozens of the incredibly famous paintings you’ve seen on TV and online time and time again in the flesh is brilliant.

One warning: it is always absolutely PACKED.

Seriously, it is full of tourists. Although the sheer number of people is to be expected, something that did irritate me a little was that a large number of the visitors didn’t seem to actually be taking the time to appreciate the artwork – they were just snapping photos of everything at high-speed, never actually really looking. I don’t see the point of going if you don’t actually look properly, you can just look at photos online if you don’t!

Anyway it’s definitely worth it. One thing I did whip out my camera for was the ceilings.

I just think they were beautiful. (Those rushing around with cameras didn’t even notice these stunning ceilings!)

One part of the Louvre that I’d really recommend going to see is the sculpture gallery. For some reason it is no way near as popular as the art galleries like the Italian art (the room with the Mona Lisa is ridiculously packed, you cannot get within about three metres of the painting). Because it isn’t very popular it isn’t busy at all, there were only a few other people in there when we were and yet it is a gorgeous gallery.

I love the way it has been put together to feel like an Ancient Roman garden or something similar, the trees inside along with the beautiful glass ceiling just give it such a bright and airy feeling.

All in all it was a fantastic visit!

I just want to round off my recap with this photo:

As we were walking in the metro on the way home we came across this group of musicians playing really fantastic classical music to a little audience of metro users who all stopped to listen and to give a few coins. I thought it was just brilliant!

Have you been to any of these sites in Paris?
Do you have a favourite museum/art gallery?
Are you going away for a holiday this summer?




  1. I love Paris and it looks like you had great weather! I really like Montmartre but hate the funicular, I take the steps everytime! the views from Sacre Coeur are so fabulous on a sunny day though!

    I do like Orsay in Paris for museums! I also really like the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow. In Britain it has to the Imperial War Museum, I can spend hours in there!

    Looking forward to part 2!

  2. Lovely photos! So glad you went to the Montmartre cemetery, it’s such a weirdly fascinating place to visit. Definitely agree about people taking photos in the Louvre being annoying, I really don’t see the point in taking photos of paintings…

  3. I have almost that exact photo of the ceiling from somewhere in the Louvre that I took four years ago this week – great minds think alike 😉

    I’m glad you had such a good time – your photos are lovely! I wish I could go back!

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