Weekly Workouts #2 + More Celebrations.

Okay so I promised that I would be back to posting daily which was clearly a stupid promise to make so I apologise! Basically, as is often the case, after over a week of busy schedules and lots of walking and standing my body revolted and decided to give in on me. Consequently I spent most of yesterday and all of this morning in bed.

Monday is meant to be the day that I review my exercise for the week but to be honest it seems a bit pointless today as the past week has been fairly rubbish on the workout front.

As I am leaving for Paris on Thursday (two days!) I decided it wasn’t really worth planning out workouts for the week. For the five days that we are there I will be doing a lot of walking so other than doing my physio everyday I won’t be doing any additional workouts.

Today I am going to set aside about 20 minutes to do some serious hip, back and leg stretching and then a further 10 minutes for a little ab workout. Then on Wednesday I want to do a 30 minute upper body strength workout. Should hopefully be light enough so as not to exhaust myself before Paris.

Last Friday my beautiful little sister had her year 11 prom so I thought I’d share a photo with you all as she looked gorgeous 🙂

Doesn’t she look just so pretty?

Yesterday was also a very special occasion – my wonderful mother’s birthday!

I bought her a beautiful white scarf with a pale red feather print and an absolutely brilliant cookbook from my favourite River Cottage team: Bread: River Cottage Handbook No. 3  We have already made plans for some baking together sometime this summer.

We had a rather delicious meal to celebrate her birthday, I ate every last crumb it was just so good!

For our main we had sea trout with crushed new potatoes and fresh green salad.

It was such a fantastic dish, simple but fresh and really tasty.

Dessert was just as good:

A lovely English dessert – summer fruits pudding. So so good served with a big dollop of cream!

Anyway I’m going to leave it there, I have a lot to do before we leave for Paris on Thursday and I’m really not feeling very well. Stupid body.

What did you get upto this weekend?
When do you decide to not workout even though you’d like to?



  1. Aww, your sister is so pretty! I can’t believe you’re going to be in Paris–I can’t wait to hear/see it all. And I reaaally wanted to work out hard yesterday, but I was still on the tail end of a cold and didn’t want to force it, so I made myself just walk and take it easy. Hard to do when I just wanted to move!

  2. your sister looks totally gorgeous!

    i decide not to workout (even though i want to) when i feel it will cause problems in the future. if i’m not feeling well, i think that skipping it is probably better for me in the long run. i can always workout another day.

    i hope you feel better soon so that you can throughly enjoy paris!! it’s one of my absolute favorite places and i can’t wait to read about your fun times! 🙂

  3. Sounds like your mom had a wonderful birthday! That dessert looks so delicious. Don’t beat yourself up over not working out as much as you’d like to, at least you’re doing what you can! Working out every once in a while is better than not working out at all. Also, that’s so exciting that you’re leaving for Paris soon! I hope you have a safe trip! 🙂

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