July Goals.

June has been a pretty good month all round. My last exam was on the 31st of May so the whole month has been exam free – a real blessing!

As we are about to begin the month of July I thought this evening would be the perfect time to update you all on how I got on with my goals for June:

Read at least 4 books. Well I definitely pleased with myself for this goal – I’ve actually managed to read 5 books and I’m halfway through my 6th one. As you know I was working my way through Vanity Fair at the beginning of the month and managed to pretty much finish it on the train up to visit Tom. The other books I read this month are The Alchemist which I really enjoyed, Persuasion which is now my second favourite Austen novel (Sense and Sensibility being my first), To the Lighthouse which I adored, and lastly Anne of Green Gables which I had never read before but fell in love with.

Try a new baking recipe. Another successful goal! I have baked twice in the past week and both were new recipes. Firstly I made some rather over-the-top and indulgent Rocky Road cupcakes with Tom last weekend. They were pretty tasty and got eaten up rather quickly 😛

Then this afternoon I decided to give another cupcake recipe a go because of the absolutely beautiful present my mother gave me for my exams…

Strawberry cupcakes which were absolutely delicious, served on my wonderful new tiered cake stand. It’s simply lovely and I was thrilled when my mum presented it to me, I’m really grateful for such a fantastic gift!

Go the entire month without biting my nails. Okay, well this is neither a failed goal nor a successful one. I haven’t completely managed to stop biting but I have been able to let them grow a little and they are looking better – a goal to continue with!

Work on my strength. I see this one as a bit of a fail. Although this month has been so much more emotionally relaxing than the last, I haven’t actually been very well for the last week or so. My complete lack of energy and fairly high levels of pain, fatigued muscles and sore joints have just meant that I haven’t really felt like working out much or pushing myself physically. Hopefully I’ll see an improvement next month.

Journal more regularly. I love my journal and whilst I still don’t write in it daily I do regularly enjoy sitting down and  just writing about  my thoughts and my emotions. I know it might sound a bit narcissistic and you may be wondering how I can find things to journal about when I already blog about my life but I just like to write by hand 🙂

So there you have this month’s goals, I’d say that on the whole I’ve been pleased with my relative success. It’s been a month filled with lots of activity and although I’m struggling at the moment, I do feel positive about everything I’ve done.

Now onto July!

July Goals.

Write a short story. This is something I’ve been wanting to try my hand at for a while but so far haven’t had the time/the courage to give it a go. I don’t plan on sharing it, I may not even read it back to myself. I just want to write a short(ish) fictional story to practice my writing and do something productive and creative with my time.

Continue planning workouts weekly. I’ve been recording and planning my weekly workouts for a couple of weeks now and it’s something I’d like to continue doing. Last summer I became really good at exercising really regularly and was in much better shape – I would love to get back to that!

Cook and bake more. I know this is a regular goal for me but I love to cook so I want to remind myself to try new recipes and be a little more creative in the kitchen.

Start planning out a scrapbook for the summer. When I was little my mum used to help me make scrapbooks for my holidays and they’re so sweet to look back at. I’d really like to be more creative and so I think a summer memory scrapbook would be a lovely thing to make this year 🙂

My room is coming along nicely, it’s starting to feel more like my own personal space and less like small children were let loose! When it’s finished I will definitely take some photos to show you all. Tomorrow I have my last ever concert with the county youth choir that I’ve been singing with for 5 years. I’m not really prepared and it’s going to be exhausting but I’m determined to enjoy it and make the most of the day.

What have you been upto this month?
Have you got any goals for July?



  1. My mom used to scrapbook too when I was younger! I love looking back at them and seeing all the great times I had as a child. I love how much effort she put into making it special and of course I always loved helping her! I really miss scrapbooking with my mother. Anyways, both of those cupcakes look to die for!! I’m a sucker for rocky road. Quite possibly one of my favorite flavor combinations! Good luck with your goals! 🙂

  2. I swear, you always have the best goals! They seem so balanced, achievable-yet-challenging and peaceful (is that a weird adjective for goals? Ah, well). Congrats on the progress/successes you had with last month. And while I’m bummed you won’t be sharing your short story, good luck with this month too 😀

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