Active Aims!

Ah I do enjoy a bit of alliteration. Sorry for those of you who find them cloying, what can I say, I’ve always had a soft spot for the cheesiness of phrases made up of words beginning with the same letter!

I have always liked Mondays. I know a lot of people hate Mondays because it means back to school/work and there are a whole five days until the next weekend, but I like them because I love the feeling of starting afresh. It’s the same reason that I enjoy the New Year, I like to be able to form new goals for the week ahead of me, and have a whole week to plan. It appeals to the side of me that warms to productivity and organisation.

You may remember my mentioning that I was going to create a blogging schedule for myself and I have finally put a weekly plan together. Funnily enough, even though I am an organised person who meticulously plans out most aspects of my life, blogging has always been a very spontaneous activity for me, even a little sporadic at times.

I’ve typically just posted whatever I felt like writing, usually posts end up being a summary of my day or just random musings. It’s not to say that I don’t enjoy random musings, I do, but I have a journal for that purpose, I want my blogging to become more focused and thus a schedule is required. It’s not super strict or anything, after all this isn’t my job it is purely for enjoyment.

I’ve also been wanting to get back into a better routine when it comes to fitness. Last month exercise got pushed to one side as coursework writing and revising for my exams took up pretty much all of my time and energy, then for the past two weeks I’ve been walking at least a couple of miles everyday so couldn’t really workout as well. However, I am home now so working out can take precedence once more!

So I’ve decided that Monday’s are going to be assigned to fitness, each week I will (loosely) plan out my exercise for the week and reflect on the previous week. It’s hardly a new concept.

I’m hoping this week will look something like this:

Monday –  20 min stretch session + 15 min ab work + a walk around the neighbourhood (I’m still pretty sore and tired from the weekend)

Tuesday – 30 Day Shred. I’ve really missed working out with Jillian!

Wednesday – 3 mile cycle + 20 min ab work

Thursday – 3 mile cycle + 30 min upper body strength workout

Friday – 30 Day Shred

Saturday – 45 min full body strength workout

Sunday – Rest day

I think that sounds pretty reasonable and definitely achievable at this point in time. Working out 6 days out of 7 initially sounds quite intense but when you look at some of the workouts they are quite gentle so I think it will do me good. I will have to let you know how I get on!

Today was my first day of eating more healthily again and it’s been really pleasant, I feel as though my body is already feeling the benefits. It’s been a day full of fresh fruit and veg  which has been a real treat 🙂

Breakfast was a bowl of weetabix with milk, fresh blueberries and topped with a teaspoon of ground nuts and seeds mix. Nutritious and tasty!

Lunch was leftover chicken from a barbecue my parents had this weekend along with a delicious salad of yellow courgette and rocket with a lemony dressing. So fresh and perfect for pretending that we are having summery weather…

For the last two weeks I have had smoothies on the brain. Seriously, I almost got to the stage where I was dreaming about smoothies, I’ve been craving tall glasses full of beautiful fruity drinks and now that I’m home I definitely intend to take advantage of having both my kitchen and a lot more fruit to choose from!

For my first smoothie I decided to go with a simple creation – I blended up a banana, a handful of fresh strawberries, a handful of ice, 150ml of milk and half a teaspoon of vanilla extract. So so good, I will be drinking many more smoothies this week 🙂

Finally dinner which was also full of fresh vegetables.

We had a summer green vegetable salad which included various beans, peas, spinach and asparagus (one of my favourites) and a pesto potato salad.

So there you have my weekly workout plan, please please hold me accountable, I really want to get back into regular exercise!

Do you have a workout schedule?
Any motivational tips for me?
What have you got planned for the week?



  1. This looks like such an amazing schedule, Sophie! Lots of variety for sure!
    I love planning my workout week on Sundays– usually I’ll have 4-5 days of strength and 1-2 of walking and then Sunday is just allllll rest haha

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I like lots of variety, it helps to stop me getting bored! I really admire your dedication to strength, if it wasn’t for my back I’d really want to follow a similar routine to yours! With you on Sundays being for lots of rest 😛

  2. I’ve been having smoothies on the brain too! Bought all the fruit, a banana, but forgot the milk! So I guess I have to wait until next week when I do my grocery trip. All your meals look delicious (as always!) And good luck with your workout schedule! I definitely need a schedule for it! I used to have a blogging schedule but this summer I’m so busy that I just blog whenever I have something to blog about ha 🙂

    1. They’re one of my absolute favourite things to eat in the warmer weather of the summer, so delicious! I’d love to see your smoothie recipes 🙂

      Thanks Chloe, I’m determined to get back into a scheduled workout routine! Haha that’s how I was before, hopefully I’ll managed to work to a bit more of a schedule, we shall see…

  3. I have a blogging schedule:

    And an exercise schedule that is currently:

    Monday | 40min run with hills & steps (average 145HR)
    Wednesday | 90min long run (average 135HR)
    Friday | intense 35min run (average 160HR)

    I think it’s really important not to overdo it as injury can happen all too easily. So I walk or swim or cycle on the days in between.

    I also do push-ups once or twice a week. As many as I can do. With the aim of doing more each time. But again giving time for my muscles to recover. Sometimes less is more 😉 Kim*

    1. I really like your blogging schedule, it’s a great philosophy for healthy living/weight loss and I like that you apply it to your blog!

      Seeing workout schedules like yours always make me wish I could run, it sounds great though. I definitely agree that it is important not to overdo it, that’s why most of my workouts aren’t high intensity or really long.

  4. That looks like a great workout plan. I have a weekly schedule – I tend to look at the week ahead and what I have on and plan around that, fitting in the type of workouts I want / need to do (I say need cause I have to keep training for my half!). Glad you’re enjoying the smoothies, I can’t get enough of them right now!

    1. Thanks Laura! I can imagine training for a race or another event is really motivating, I’m sure you train really effectively.

      Your smoothies always inspire me, they always look so delicious 🙂

  5. Great schedule! I’m not good at planning fitness, beyond knowing I will go for at least one walk each day and will lift on 2 to 3 days. And mmm, smoothies. I had a banana-ful one of my own for second breakfast this morning, and it was sooo good.

    (And I’m a huge alliteration dork, too. Something about it is just so clean–if cheesy–and appeals to the English-lover in me.)

    1. Thanks Allie! I think walking everyday is one of the best things you can do with regards to being healthy and staying fit, I try to walk or cycle for about 30 minutes a day as often as I can.

      Glad I’m not the only English-lover who enjoys a good ol’ alliteration 😛

      1. I’d love to get into (easy) biking, I do feel like it’s another one of those relaxing/simple things that is still so good for you! Time to check craigslist for a cheap used bike 🙂

  6. Delicious food! I love the look of the smoothie, it looks so fresh! 🙂

    I really need to buckle down and decide on an exercise programme/regime after I get home and buy new trainers and settle back down etc!

    I love alliterative titles. They’re always fun and almost impossible to pass up if they are fitting! 😉

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