Well. This is it.

Tonight is my last night ever in my university accommodation.

Tomorrow morning my dad is coming to pick me up and help me finish packing. Then I’ll be jumping in the car and saying goodbye both to my flat and to this university.


I still feel as though it hasn’t had time to sink in but I’m still feeling pretty positive about everything.

Posting has been pretty irregular and I’m really sorry about this! Things will definitely be back to normal from tomorrow once I’m back home, there are lots of exciting things happening in the next few weeks so I can’t wait to tell you all about those 🙂

I left Tom’s around lunch time which was sad as I’ve had a really fantastic couple of weeks staying with him. We are incredibly close and getting to be together for such a lengthy period of time was such a treat. I’m feeling a bit soppy right now so I just have to say how lucky I am and how grateful I feel to have such a wonderful boyfriend!

… Okay I’m done. Sorry 😉

Anyway I’m off to bed, I’m absolutely shattered from the journey and I had another rough day yesterday (I napped for three hours, missed most of a barbecue party, collapsed… but that’s over now!)

I hope you’ve all had a brilliant week, I can’t wait to catch up on everything you’ve been upto!

What have you been getting upto this week?
Do you enjoy packing?
Any exciting plans for the next few weeks?



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