Still Here, Still Having Fun.

Hey lovely people!

I am still alive and well, I promise. I’ve just been crazy busy enjoying life and freedom with Tom. Despite the absolutely foul weather we have had for the majority of the week, we have had heaps of fun and it still feels absolutely amazing to be free.

I apologize for the lack of posts in the last few days, I had all intentions to write one yesterday but then, as you might know if you follow me on twitter, I completely crashed. I’m not complaining though as I saw it coming because we walked around 8 miles in total on Thursday (I actually haven’t walked that far in months). I spent the entire day in bed, never changing from my pajamas. Sounds lazy but believe me I really needed it.

Before I move on to show you some of the food I’ve been eating, I just want to say thank you so SO much for all of your lovely comments on my last post. I was really touched to read so many encouraging and supportive comments. Receiving wonderful kind words like those are what make blogging such a rewarding activity and I’m so grateful for all of your continued support!

As I mentioned before, it has been raining pretty much everyday here which is somewhat depressing but despite the weather we have left the house everyday (apart from yesterday obviously) and this means one thing: cafes. Lots and lots of time has been spent in cafes and as those of you who read my blog regularly, wiling away the hours in a cafe is one of my favourite pastimes 😉

Here are a few photos of treats in cafes and rather tasty (and healthy) dinners…

As well as cakes from cafes in town and dinners cooked with Tom, we also had a rather lovely meal at Bella Italia for Tom’s brother’s birthday. I stepped away from the usual, which for me would obviously be pasta, and went with something a little heftier:

Cajun chicken burger in a ciabatta bun served with chips and an onion marmalade. It was so tasty, definitely worth it. It has left me with a craving for chips though…

All in all I’ve had a fantastic week and I’m looking forward to another!

What have you all been upto this weekend?
Do you go for the safe option in restaurants?
What is your favourite cafe treat?



  1. What delicious eats and what an amazing sounding break! I bet that 8 mile walk was fun, and just chillin in your jammies all day must’ve been SO relaxing– I love those kind of days 🙂
    Enjoy my friend! ❤

  2. Yum to both the food and the free time! 😉 Yes, the weather has been ah-awful but it looks like you’ve been making the best of it!

    Cafés and books are my favourite way to spend time too. I’ll go for something biscuity usually or flapjacky. 🙂

    Have a great Sunday!

  3. All that food looks amazing and it sounds like your having an awesome time! (Besides exhausting yourself). I usually go for safe options but lately I’ve been trying new things and absolutely loving it! My boyfriend & I try to have a date night every week where me and him go to a restaurant we’ve never been to. It’s really fun trying all these new to me places!

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