June Goals.

I probably say this pretty regularly but I just cannot believe that we are already into June. This academic year seemed to drag but now it feels like it has passed incredibly quickly. Other than picking up my results later this month I have finished with not only my first year of university but I have also finished with this university. Crazy.

Before I list my goals for the new month I thought I’d go through my May Goals to see what I accomplished over the past month:

Drink 2 – 3 litres of water a day. I’m pretty sure I’ve managed this, I certainly feel like I am constantly refilling my 500ml water bottle so I think I’ve been drinking at least 2 litres a day. I feel better for it, my skin looks better and I haven’t experienced much in the way of bloating (sorry for the TMI).

Do something physical everyday. This has not been easy but on the whole, I have left the flat most days and I’ve been walking more than before. I managed a few workouts here and there and I’ve been good at doing my physio exercises daily. I have to accept that for now I cannot be as active as I used to be but I’m striving for more and I want to carry on building it up.

Read before bed. This didn’t happen on the night before my exams but otherwise I’m quite pleased with myself, I’ve carried on reading throughout my revision. I’m currently just over halfway through the 900+ word beast that is Vanity Fair!

Look after my appearance. Other than the water drinking I think this has been my most successful goal, I’ve treated myself to a couple of new makeup products and I’ve been really into my lipsticks lately. I’ve also been using Beauty Youtubers as a way to relax in the evening after revision and I may be becoming a little addicted…

So overall I’d say I’ve been pretty successful. I didn’t set myself anything particularly difficult as I knew I’d be spending the bulk of the month revising but I’m still pleased with myself. Now onto this month!

June Goals. 

Read at least 4 books. Now that I’ve finally finished with all of my exams and assessments I can finally have the time to read for pleasure! I have an absolutely gigantic pile of unread books and even more on my Kindle and I can’t wait to get through them all. The summer is definitely my favourite time to read 🙂

Try a new baking recipe. Because I’m not actually going to be at home that much this month I don’t want to aim too high on the baking front but I’d love to try something new. I’m going to try to really push the boat out with something a little more challenging than I’d usually go for. So watch this space…

Go the entire month without biting my nails. I’m not sure whether I’ve ever mentioned this on my blog before but I have been biting my nails since I was about three years old. Gross I know. I almost managed to stop about two years ago but the minute I’m stressed I get really bad. I have over three months this summer in which to finally grow my nails, wish me luck!

Work on my strength. Part of my physio is strengthening my body in order to minimize the pain and the potential damage. As I’m at my boyfriend’s for two weeks and he is an avid strength trainer who seriously knows his stuff I am definitely going to take advantage and try to build up my strength. I know it won’t be easy but every little helps.

Journal more regularly. I have a lovely black leather journal and I love to write in it, I really think it helps my development and growth as a person plus it’s a brilliant way to practice writing. During exams I wasn’t great at writing in it so I’d love to get more into it again.

So, there you have my goals for the month. I really hope I can succeed with all of them, they’re all positive things to enrich my life so it’d be great to look back in July and know that my first month off has been good for my recovery!

Make sure you all hold me accountable 😉

Do you have any goals for June?



  1. I like the idea of evaluating goals from a previous month and setting new ones. You’ve given me food-for-thought. I guess my goals in June are to lose 3kg, learn 100 new words of Japanese vocabulary, photograph every day during the week, update both my blogs daily, do some sort of exercise every day during the week, and keep in touch with the family daily whilst I’m overseas.

    And with this in mind you’ve provided me with today’s blog entry: http://www.100days100ways.wordpress.com/2012/06/02/goals-june/

    Thanks, Kim*

  2. I was totally biting my nails while reading that goal hahah. Oops. I go through fazes where I don’t bite them at all and then there are times where I do. Luckily, it has gotten better. But every once in awhile, I just can’t help myself!

  3. hehehe I’m a water fiend and as soon as you mentioned your water drinking goal I took a huge sip. 😀 I think it’s awesome you journal! It truly is soooooooooo good for the soul! oftentimes I just start writing my thoughts and prayers, and instantly I feel like God lifted the weight off my shoulders. My goal for June is to see myself through God’s eyes better, and to love others like Christ does! #superloftybutpossiblegoal ❤

    1. I’ve become one since the beginning of May and it feels great 🙂 I agree, it helps me in so many ways, it’s so useful when it comes to evaluating your life! That’s a lovely goal 🙂

  4. I used to bite my nails too! For about two years. My mom tried putting nail polish that tasted like crap on it and it didn’t stop me. I’ve stopped now because I figured out the only reason I was biting them is because long nails bother me. I HATE seeing the white parts on my nails, so I just keep some major up keep with clipping them. Good luck with your goals though!

  5. You always have such great goals! I’m a huge fan of strength training–I hope you get some great benefits out of it, it’s such a positive thing to do (and always helps when you have a supportive gym partner!)

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