Free as a Bird.

Yep, that’s right. I am finally free. This afternoon I sat my final exam and I think it went reasonably well. I am just so relieved and excited to have finished because it means that I am finally able to relax.

Plus, tomorrow morning I jump on the train to spend two weeks with my boyfriend. SO EXCITED.

As soon as I was finished with my exam I met the beautiful Kathryn and we trotted off to my favourite local cafe to get a celebratory drink. I haven’t been drinking alcohol lately so I decided to go for an iced chocolate chip frappe which was delicious and we got a bowl of celebratory chips to celebrate being finished with exams till at least January next year!

It was in no way healthy but it was pretty damn good.

I don’t know if those of you outside of Britain know but the country is getting ready for the Diamond Jubilee weekend (which means that the Queen has been on the throne for 60 years) and almost every high street is decked in bunting. The cafe was no exception…

I have to say, I’m not the most patriotic person but I do like a chance to celebrate and ever since the Royal Wedding last year I’ve had a soft spot for royal celebrations. Not to mention that bunting is just cute.

Kathryn and I had a nice long chitchat because I won’t see her for about three weeks now. It was so brilliant to be able to chat and not have to mention exams and stress once! I’m really going to miss this girl but watch this space because we are forming plans to meetup this summer which should be fantastic!

I have an enormous to-do list of things to do before I leave for Tom’s tomorrow, I have so much to pack. But my last evening here could not go by without a visit from one of my favourite people, Chloe! She came over and we chatted away for over an hour. She’s off on a 17 day sponsored cycling trip in India in a couple of weeks which is so exciting and she’s raising money for Childreach International. It’s an amazing opportunity for a great cause and I’m slightly envious!

Well I’m off to finish my packing, my suitcase is going to be incredibly full…

What are your plans for the weekend?
If you’re in Britain are you doing anything for the Jubilee?

Are you as excited for the summer as I am? 



  1. Hooray for freedom! It’s such a weird but awesome feeling being finished with assessments. Enjoy it 🙂

    My plans for the weekend are to work, which will likely be very busy due to the aforementioned Jubilee. I’m not really interested in the Royal family but I’m quite excited about the weekend because we’ve got so many decorations up, we’re serving Jubilee themed food and drinks, and I even made Royal family masks so everyone can pretend to be the Queen while they’re drunk, haha. Are you doing anything to celebrate?

  2. Congrats on being done (and getting to spend some quality time with the bf)! And WOW do those fries look good, I’d come up with any sort of celebratory excuse for those ;D My weekend is going to involve books, relaxing, and, unfortunately, some clothes shopping.

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