Three Down…

Yup, that’s right. I have sat three of my exams and I now only have one more exam before I have officially completed my first year at university.

Crazy stuff.

I know this annoys some people but I just want to apologise for being so absent lately, especially from all of your lovely blogs. When I haven’t been revising I’ve mostly been trying to build my energy back up. This means no workouts, just walking and physio, little cooking, and very little time to blog. I cannot wait for this summer as I will be able to throw myself back into this blog 🙂

My exam today went reasonably well (I think) and I can feel the stress slowly starting to ebb away… Only five days to go until complete freedom!

As I have so little energy I thought I would share some of the little eats I’ve been loving lately:

Mr Kipling’s almond bake. A little too small for me but so tasty. The perfect little snack for revision boosts.

Lots and lots of pasta. Obviously 😉

Iced frappes. Absolutely fantastic in the summer hot weather we’ve been enjoying here at the moment.

I’m still plowing through Vanity Fair, according to my Kindle I’m 39% of the way through. It’s such a long book and I just can’t figure what on earth is going to happen in the rest of the book. I’m enjoying it but it is just so lengthy and I’m wondering what strange twists will develop.

Anyway I am feeling really shattered, I cannot wait to go home tomorrow, hopefully I will be able to prepare myself well for my last exam! I’m sure I will have lots of delicious food photos for you from Sunday lunch tomorrow 🙂

What are your favourite little food treats at the moment?



  1. Would love frappes if it wasn’t for the coffee flavor! I’m excited for you finishing up the last of your exams and finishing up that university! I can’t stop munching on cake lately. Specifically my grandmas carrot cake. I’ve almost devoured the whole cake in 4 days (with a little help from my friends, but mostly me) haha.

  2. My favorite little treat recently has been smoothies and vanila cream cheese (usually makes my stomach hurt – but so worth it :P). Hope your last exam goes well!

  3. Good luck for the final exam!

    I have been enjoying iced coffees as a treat! (In fact I’ve been having lots of Café coffee as a way of getting out of the house during revision!)

    I’ve also been getting lots of fresh fruit as treats! 🙂

  4. You are sooo close Sophie, and I have said that before but this time I really and truly mean it! haha Good luck with the final one, obviously you are going to ROCK IT
    Mmm frappes, I could go for one right now, it’s pretty dang hot here today!

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