Let it Shine.

Today we saw the first signs of summer with absolutely gorgeous weather all day. Despite the fact that my worst exam is tomorrow afternoon I’ve actually had a pretty good day, I think it is almost impossible to have a bad day when it is lovely and warm outside and the sun is shining!

I was up quite early, stayed in bed for half an hour watching yesterday’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show episode (yes I am secretly an old lady) and then did some simple yoga which was a fantastic way to start a day of revision. I actually felt pretty relaxed by all of this and it wasn’t even 8.30am. Get me 😉

My lovely friend Kathryn had agreed to help me go for a hunt for my exam rooms around campus. Because I get extra time my exams won’t be in the main exam hall with everyone else and I didn’t want to have to find the room at the last-minute because I have a tendency to work myself up in those situations. At least now I feel prepared. Although the walk around campus tired me out it was lovely to take the time to enjoy how beautiful campus looked in the sunshine.

(This picture completely gives away which uni I attend but I figure as I leave so soon it’s about time!)

Kathryn and I decided that we needed something to cool both our nerves and our bodies as it was so hot outside so we stopped at Costa before heading back to revise.

My first iced tea of the year, peach of course. It feels so good to have such fantastic weather, even if I do have exams, I can only hope that it stays this way in June when I’ve finished!

The rest of my day wasn’t that exciting but it was fairly productive, I found the time to go food shopping as my fridge was empty and bought a few treats to see myself through revision which I’m sure you will be seeing on the blog tomorrow. I also managed to squeeze in a workout before dinner! I did Level 1 of the trusty 30 Day Shred, I can always trust Jillian to make me sweat. I’m glad I was able to find the energy as I know I’ll feel better tomorrow for having done it. I will beat this damn fatigue!

Dinner tonight was lovely and fresh, just what I needed:

The usual bowl of stir-fried veg with quinoa. I cooked it in a little sesame oil and lots of soy sauce so it had heaps of flavour, and I just love the colours of dish.

Tomorrow is the big day, my Old English exam, i.e. the one I’ve been dreading the most. I think I’m as ready as I will be for this, it’s by far my weakest area (basically it’s nothing to do with literature) but I’m just hoping to pass it. I can get a mediocre grade in this exam and still do well overall so I’m trying not to worry too much.

Anyway I’d best say goodnight, up tomorrow to do a last spot of revision as my exam isn’t until 4.30pm!

What helps you relax when stressed?
Have you had gorgeous weather where you are today?
If you could have any treat to help you through revision/work stress what would it be?



  1. mmm iced drinks always spell summer to me. unfortunately we’ve already passed the ‘gorgeous’ weather stage of the spring/summer seasons here. now it’s just plain hot…
    but its nice to see everyone else getting in that nice weather! 🙂

    Something as simple as getting an iced coffee or tea actually helps me relax at times. or just having moments where i don’t think too much about anything and just watch tv for about 30 mins helps me relax before exams.

    Good luck on your old english exam!! 🙂

  2. Good luck on your exam!! That ice tea sounds so good. I was visiting my grandma once and there was a tea shop at a nearby shopping center. Well one of the flavors was green peach chai iced tea. Seriously amazing!

  3. Good luck with your exam! I find that being prepared for tests/interviews by knowing where to go always helps keep me calm, too. One less thing to worry about. And mmm, now I want some peach iced tea! I’ve had a few (a lot…) of iced coffees already this summer, but I somehow haven’t had any tea yet.

  4. I love icey drinks especially coffees in the warmer weather! It’s kinda nice to see lots of people walking around with iced coffee and tea – it makes me feel summery!

    Hope the exam went well! At least the worst one is over now! 🙂

  5. I love COLD drinks 🙂 and I love your writing. This post was extremely eloquent Sophie 😉

    ARGH exams! I wish you luck! I just can’t wait for you to be done 😀 and I relax by running, lying in the sun, being outside, walking OR when all else fails – getting into a hot bath and either a) reading or b) just lying there with my eyes closed meditating.

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