Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackery. I started it reading it when I was about 11 years old but found it a little tricky, now that I’ve picked it up again I’m really enjoying it. According to my kindle I’m 12% of the way through, I saw the book in Oxfam the other day and was a little shocked to be reminded of quite how large a novel it is!


Listening to…

I go through phases with my music, right now I’m on a bit of an instrumental jazz phase, I’m particularly fond of Sonny Rollins’s album Newk’s Time and a bit of Bill Evans. Very relaxing, perfect for my evening revision as there are no lyrics to distract.


I haven’t got much time to watch TV at the moment but I went to the cinema to see The Avengers last night and it was most enjoyable, there are some great one-liners and it was just the lighthearted film I needed to take my mind off the stress of looming exams!


Delicious Indian-Style steak with fresh spinach, pea sprout and carrot salad, naan bread and raita.

Chocolate mousse pots that my lovely mother brought back from France.

Lusting for…

I have a wishlist of things to buy almost as long as me 😛 I’m not usually a particularly materialistic person but there is something about spending my day revising that makes me want to splurge and treat myself to new books, to pretty dresses, to beautiful lipsticks, to coffees…


The fact that in just 12 days I will be done with exams for the year and will have already spent an afternoon with this guy 🙂

I hope that you’ve all been having a lovely lovely weekend, being home was just what I needed. I’m still feeling pretty exhausted and drained from the 48 hour exam, I’m a little worried because I have my next exam on Wednesday but I still don’t feel well. All I can do is prepare and do the best I can, at least it’ll be over soon enough. Tomorrow I head back to uni, I’m not really looking forward to it but it’s not for long. It feels strange knowing that in under two week’s time I will be done at this university and everything will change…

What are you currently doing?
What have all of you lovely people been getting up to this weekend?



  1. I just want to say that your blog is adorable, and that food looks delicious. I haven’t read the book you mention – but sounds like a toughie. I’ll have to come back and see how you liked it.

  2. Love this post Sophie, so much positivity and just nice stuff going on for you 🙂 I want to read Vanity Fair, it’s on the list! You are almost doneeee deary. I know you feel sick and tired right now, but I do believe you will feel better enough at least for the exam on Wednesday and that it will go quite well! Keep your head up lady and keep nourishing both your body and soul 🙂

  3. I absolutely love chocolate mousse! I’m usually not very materialistic either (I like to spend my money on food haha) but I love to browse online and such on things I wish I could get. Those 12 days will go by before ya know it 🙂

  4. I love chocolate mousse. Yeo Valley does this amazing one (that’s supposed to be for children…) which I can never find anymore. I have to say I love French dairy products. When I lived in France I used to marvel every single week at the whole aisle of yogurts and compotes…so good!

    Haven’t read Vanity Fair. I’ve always been put off by other people’s reactions to Becky Sharp? It reminds me of how I felt finding it hard to sympathise/connect with Anna Karenina but it’s a book a definitely need to read!

    Revising is all I do at the moment too! But I currently listen to a lot of Radio 3 because I can’t focus with lyric music either! 🙂

    1. Ooh I must look out for those next time I’m in the supermarket! Yes France does have heaps of great yogurts 🙂

      Yes it is a bit tough sometimes as I don’t actually like many of the characters 😛 I’m quite enjoying it though!

      Oh poor you, not too long now lovely!

  5. Forget “wish”list, you should definitely treat yourself to one or two end of the school year treats! You deserve it! And currently? I’m pondering how to attach a fenced-in area to my chicken coop so my ladies have more room to explore 🙂

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