Confessions #1.

1. I didn’t realise it was Monday today. After having been on holiday for three weeks the days have started to lose all meaning. Not that I’m complaining mind, I just sort of    miss the structure of the week.

2. I tried coconut water and didn’t like it. Sorry to all of those who love it but I just thought it had a strange cloying taste. Not my thing.

3. I enjoy the same lunch I loved as a child and fussy eater, nearly everyday that I’m just at home working:

4. I have written about 1500 words today and I still feel frustrated. It’s really hard to let go of perfectionism, even after a year of not being able to work to my full ability.

5. I spend too much time moaning about the aforementioned frustration. Have you noticed?

7. Over the last few days I have become obsessed with my scented candle. It makes me feel calm and it even seems to help with my fatigue headaches 🙂

8. I’ve eaten pasta five times over the last week and a half.

9. I miss Tom too much already.


Any confessions of your own?
Have any exciting plans for the week?



  1. What are those pinkish looking things in your lunch plate? I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it. I hate coconut water too! I’d rather just stick to regular water, much more refreshing! That’s so weird my boyfriend has had headaches all his life almost every day and he recently bought a couple candles for his room and they’ve been noticabley reducing his headaches. That pasta looks delicious!!!

    1. Radishes! They’re root veg and grow incredibly quickly so they’re super easy to grow yourself. The good ones have a great crunch when you bite into them and have a slightly peppery flavour 🙂 I’m glad to hear candles have been helping your boyfriend with his headaches!

  2. Ooh that candle picture is so pretty, I love the smell of a nice candle 🙂 And I totally agree about coconut water, it’s freaky!
    I confess that I spent time sunbathing outside when I should’ve been working on assignments…whoops heehee 😉

  3. i’m not a fan of coconut water either! i cannot drink it plain. i add it to my smoothies and it’s fine or adding it to chocolate muscle milk is good. ooh! actually the chocolate coconut milk is really good! it doesn’t have the same weird taste as regular coconut water

  4. i don’t like coconut water either! but the strange things is…i like coconut water from a real coconut. I don’t know what it is, but i feel like the ones in the cartons taste a little different.

    Your lunch looks delish, btw!

  5. I would want nothing less than 5 pasta meals from you, pasta queen! Also, 1500 words in a day is amazing. I actually bow down to you, my day record is 900 and I wanted to commit after that. Hope you’re not being too harsh on yourself.
    I’ve not tried coconut water but I think I got a can of something similar years ago and it had all bits in it and was gross so I’ve been completely put off and will stick to my electrolyte tabs!

  6. Ha, oh I know that feeling of forgetting what day it is. It’s so disconcerting, especially when you have to sort of ‘count back’ to figure out which day you missed.

    I’m glad that you said that. I bought some coconut water a while ago (thinking it would cure a hangover lol) and I thought it had gone off because it just tasted so, so bad and left a really weird taste in my mouth. I guess that’s actually just the way it tastes and it’s not for me either :\

    That lunch looks delicious! I love making a meal out of dippy things.

    1. Haha, agreed – it makes me feel a little out of touch sometimes!

      It’s definitely not just you, I thought it was horrible! Some things are clearly just too ‘healthy’ 😉

      Thank you, I love dippy meals too they’re so nice and fresh, plus they sort of feel like party food from childhood parties!

  7. I confess that I haven’t eaten pasta nearly enough lately. Even with you posting such tempting pasta photos! And you are not alone with the coconut water thing–I am definitely not a fan. I’ll stick to regular water. And coconut-based desserts. That evens things out, right? 😀

      1. You definitely inspired me to add pasta to my grocery list for the weekend! At the very least I need more soba noodles in my life, those things are so good with any topping.

  8. I tried coconut water and was ambivalent. I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it. I would certainly try the flavoured/fruity ones though. I love coconut flavours so it was a bit disappointing!

    I confess that I adore pasta. It’s one of my top five favourite foods. I also confess to hating radishes (sorry!) – they’re so pretty but I hate them.

    Hope you have a great week! 1500 words is great btw! I have an essay due Friday lets say you have a lot more words than I do currently! 😉

    1. Yes I love coconut flavours too so it was a bit of a let down when it tasted completely different! It’s one of mine too (in case you hadn’t noticed!), I’m addicted to the stuff.

      Thank you 🙂 I hope your essay is going well!

  9. I think it could be the brand of coconut water because I tried one a while back and I loved it, but I recently picked up a different one and I wasn’t so impressed. Oh and the candle is so pretty!

  10. those are such nice confessions……I have bad ones. confession – I worked in a gentlemen’s club 😉 made a killing. Sometimes I still contemplate going back, even though I don’t think I could.

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