A Last Meal Out.

Yesterday was the last evening that Tom and I will have together for the next 5 or 6 weeks. Naturally we wanted to relax and just enjoy the time we had together.

We haven’t been for a meal together in a while, it’s been a busy Easter and we’re both trying to economize, so we thought it would be a nice way to end the holidays.

Although I’ve been physically quite weak lately, I’m fortunate enough that we’ve actually got a Bella Italia just 5 minutes walk away from my house so we decided to go sample some pasta (well at least for me :-P). Bella Italia isn’t necessarily the most stylish of places and it’s not the best food around but I like eating there for several reasons. Firstly the staff are always friendly, secondly I love pasta (duh) and thirdly it brings back childhood memories as my parents used to take us there when we were younger as we were both so fussy.

I know I should be adventurous with food at the restaurant. I know I should probably branch out.

But well, I just love pasta 😉

Tom is a little more adventurous than me:

He chose the “butterflied seabass fillet with a warm salad of roasted new potatoes and red onions, green beans, black olives and plum tomatoes, with a fresh herb & garlic salsa verde” and it really was a gorgeous dish. Perfectly light.

I went with one of my more typical choices:

A pasta dish of “eight succulent king prawns sautéed with garlic and chilli in a spicy pomodoro sauce, with bucatini lunghi”. Delicious. Just the right balance of spice and freshness. The prawns were impressively flavoured too.

We had a lovely evening chatting away and enjoying good food. Like the typically bad blogger that I am I completely forgot to take a photo of my dessert but I can assure you that I tucked into a trio of ice creams with gusto 😛 I chose honeycomb, strawberry and vanilla and it was some of the best strawberry ice cream I’ve had in a long time! Whole pieces of strawberry were mixed in and went really well with the honey flavour and crunch of the honeycomb ice cream.

I can’t quite believe that it is already time for Tom and I to say our goodbyes, it feels like it was only last week that we saw each other again. I hate this time of the holidays, it’s always hard knowing that we won’t see each other for quite some time, and it’s always worst at Easter as we both have exams coming up.

It’s been lovely to spend the last few weeks together. I’m so glad that we have this time. Thank you Tom, I’m lucky to have you 🙂

Have you eaten out anywhere lately?
What’s your favourite thing to have at the restaurant?

Are you any good at saying goodbye? I’m one of the worst, I cry buckets every time!



  1. I’m rubbish at goodbyes so I just say “bye, see you later” any time I leave my parents, it’s easier that way. When I was long distance with my boyfriend I used to be all cheery and then cry on the way home. One time I spent a three hour train journey crying. I think everyone thought I was mental ha ha. I laugh about it now, but it was sad at the time! Just think, 5-6 weeks and then it’s summer and you’ll get endless amounts of time with him (I’m sorry if that doesn’t help). I’ve never actually eaten at Bella Italia, I’m not a massive pasta fan really but I Tom’s fish looks lovely! xxx

    1. I know what you mean, I’m the same because if I spend too long I end up sobbing! Oh no that sounds horrible, I hate crying in public. Yes you’re right, I should definitely look on the bright side and think of that 🙂

  2. Aww Sophie I am sorry this is the last time you two will be together for a long time 😦 I am not good at goodbyes at all… I just do it quickly and try to get it out of the way, not very effective usually though! That’s wonderful that you enjoyed a lovely dinner together though, your pasta dish looks tasty m’dear! Although I probably would have gone with the fish dish that your man tried, it looks so delicious!
    Enjoy your weekend Sophie and keep your pretty head up girl

  3. Ahhh goodbyes are the worst and I can get super emotional even thought I know I will be seeing them again soon. I hope you enjoyed your meal, it looks delicious. Being apart from your loved ones is tough but I think it can bring a new dimension to a relationship and make you stronger.

  4. What a wonderful, splendid meal with Tom! It’s funny, I have a bella italia right near my house too! It’s the perfect place to pop by for a dinner when I don’t feel like cooking or don’t want to drive far. I’m glad you had fun, and you look beautiful as always!

  5. Glad you were able to enjoy a nice meal together, the food looks delicious! Sorry to hear that you won’t be seeing each other again for quite a while – goodbyes are tough 😦 Take care lovely!

  6. Aww, sounds like a great date! I hate saying goodbye to my boyfriend, too. Especially after I spend a really long time with him like over summer and I have to go back to school. At least you guys had an awesome time together and you just gotta treasure it until you see each other again. By the way, you guys are such a cute couple!! Even though I say that every time haha 🙂

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