Inspire Me.

No need to hurry. No need to sparkle. No need to be anybody but oneself.

– Virginia Woolf

Lately, I have been on Woolf overload. Ever since reading Mrs Dalloway back in my first term of university I have fallen hard for the enchanting and inspiring writing of Virginia Woolf. I love her work. In fact this weekend I read the first biography I’ve read in a long long time, written by Alexandra Harris.

I love reading over breakfast.

She was just such an intelligent, interesting and inspiring character. Although she suffered greatly during her life, the legacy she leaves behind is astounding and reading about the experiences she had captivated me all weekend.

I was actually extremely lucky because this weekend I actually got to go listen to a lecture on her life, given by none other than Alexandra Harris herself! It was part of a literary festival which takes place in the city of Cambridge each year: the Cambridge Wordfest. She was a brilliant public speaker, much more informal than a typical lecture and full of witty humour.

I also got to listen to a talk on the life and work of Angela Carter, focusing particularly on her book The Bloody Chamber. It was equally interesting, I’ve loved Angela Carter’s work for a while now, it’s a little crazy but so energetic and fascinating. I love books that really make you think.

As well as reading a lot over the past weekend I’ve also spent time cooking. I’ve missed cooking lately but as I’m finding it a little easier to stay on my feet this weekend I decided it was definitely time to get back to the stove. And what would I decide to cook first? Well pasta of course!

Spaghetti carbonara. Such a delicious classic. It’s pretty much the only way I’ll eat bacon. I don’t like creamy versions, I like my carbonara simple, just egg, lardons, Parmesan and cracked black pepper.

I’m sure I will spend more time cooking this week, I adore working in my kitchen at home and cooking when the family is around is just lovely.

Other than cooking, reading, a little working and a lot of napping, I have also spent some wonderful time with Tom. We went to see Titanic in 3D yesterday and I think I may have cried even more than when I last watched it on TV. I never got to see it in the cinema, I was too young, so seeing it on the big screen made the experience even more emotional. I can’t help but sob, pretty much from the moment they hit the iceberg. The reality of it all makes it just so poignant.

I’m sorry I keep disappearing for several days at a time, I do miss blogging but my energy levels have been really low lately and what with typing essays I just feel so exhausted in the evenings.

What have I missed? What did you get up to at the weekend?
What delicious food have cooked lately?

Do you enjoy reading biographies? 



  1. That pasta dish looks abosolutely amazing! I’m so jealous. I wish I just had THAT for dinner. That’s really cool you got to hear the author speak about the book! I’m not much of a ready anymore because I don’t have the patience or time but I love watching biographies or autobiographies on the internet or TV even though I hardly watch TV anymore. Sounds like you enjoyed your weekend though!

  2. as you know I’ve been immersed in the Hunger Games triliogy…..I just like any good story I can escape into, so I’ve never been one for biographies.

    sorry I haven’t been visiting

  3. Never read a biography except for snippets of Robert Graves’ “Goodbye to All That”. Whilst I’m a huge fan of literature, biographies are a genre which have never attracted me. I really should buy some and give them a try though. I can imagine how the biogaphies of favourite authors would be fascinating! I’m still in a wonder world hangover from Tender Is the Night which I guess is semi-autobiographical! I can’t get it off my mind. I know everyone loves Gatsby but I adored that one SO much more.

    Best food of late – buttermilk pancakes at the weekend. You can’t beat them! 🙂

    Hope you are doing well lovie.

  4. I don’t know if I’ve ever read Woolf–and that needs to change! I love reading over breakfast, too. My whole day is off if I don’t get the chance to at least read a page. Looking forward to a big bowl of popcorn and few sci-fi chapters as soon as I get home from work 🙂

  5. Now I’m desperately craving carbonara! Virginia Woolf is amazing, have you ever read Orlando? I stumbled on a can of black beans in the supermarket so I’ve been making some delicious things with them – first up, a black bean, sweet potato and red onion tomato stew, and then today I made and ate my very first black bean burger!

  6. Every time I read your blog I just think how lovely you and Tom are as a couple 🙂 I must see Titanic 3D – love that film and could never get sick of it! I have never read any Woolf – what book would you recommend to get me started off? That quote may just have to go on my kitchen wall 🙂 xx

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