Food Today.

Today has been a busy busy day and I am feeling shattered. But I have some nice plans for the weekend so it will all be made better!

Yesterday I saw my GP who doesn’t think I need to go on anti-depressants at all so that was good to hear. She also agreed for me to gradually come off the pregabalin which is great news as now I can take my amitriptyline to help me sleep at night without the two interfering and causing lots of drowsiness. She also prescribed me some tramadol to take when my pain gets unbearable so that’s something to be positive about – we’ll see how it goes. I did have another batch of blood tests but I haven’t got high hopes that they’ll come back with anything.

I hate blood tests, the sensation always makes me feel a bit woozy and normally I get my mum to come with me however this time I had them alone so hooray for conquering that fear! (Sorry that probably sounds ridiculous to most of you :-P)

This morning started off sleepily with some toast:

Granary bread with organic local honey. It’s marvellous stuff, it’s so creamy, unlike any other honey I’ve tried. Whenever I eat it, it makes me think of Winnie the Pooh getting his nose stuck in the end of a jar because he was too greedy. It’s a good job I can just use my fingers.

Today I’ve spent lots of time getting to grips with my Dragon software, much fun was had trying out all of the verbal commands although it did mean progress in my work was fairly slow. Still I’m pleased that I’ve made a reasonable start to my research.

I’ve had a long to-do list and I’m pleased that I’ve got about half of it done. Once upon a time not getting everything crossed off my to-do lists was a tragedy but I’ve learnt in the last few months to take the (very) small victories of each day!

Lunch was leftover veg from a vegetable couscous dish we had for dinner the other night. It’s a lovely slightly spicy mix of veg and I had it with a dash of rose harissa. If you like hot, spicy foods rose harissa is heavenly. We’ve always eaten it with Moroccan and Middle Eastern dishes – delicious.

My mother and I made a trip to Waitrose today (my favourite supermarket by far, even if it’s too expensive) to buy a few lovely things. I have more baking plans for the weekend, something lovely – perfect for the spring and Easter time. One of the best things about being back home is having a fantastic kitchen which makes for much easier and more enjoyable baking!

This afternoon I carried on working as well as tidying, reading and even crafting so I’m feeling productive. My productivity was only interrupted by this glorious sight:

A warm, buttery hot cross bun. Bliss. One of my favourite foodie things at this time of year. In fact one of my favourite foodie things full stop.

Food has been so wonderful since being home, I haven’t had to worry about cooking, there has been an abundance of different food, there is always food in, I don’t have to worry about shopping and lugging food around. Next week, once I’ve rested a bit, I’ve got big plans to start cooking again and to experiment with new dishes so watch this space 🙂

Noodles with purple sprouting broccoli, spring onion, chili and sesame seeds. It was a lovely fresh dinner and I do love eating with chopsticks (even if they make my hand cramp!).

So there you have today’s eats which were all pretty good I have to say. In the next few days I’ll do a post with all of the gifts I got for my birthday 🙂

I hope you’ve all had a great end to the week!

What’s the best thing you’ve eaten lately?
Any plans for the Easter weekend?
What’s your favourite thing to eat at the moment?



  1. So jealous- I’ve been seeing all these hot cross bun recipes and wanting one soo bad! Local honey is the best! Especially on fresh warm bread. Oh, and I’m definitely afraid of shots and/or getting my blood drawn (wish I never have, but I’m pretty sure I would pass out.) So, I definitely don’t think your weird for that one. Good job for conquering that fear haha! Hope you have a great Easter weekend with lots of scrumptious treats 🙂

  2. I really admire your diet Sophie. In my opinion you strike just the right balance between healthy and indulging from time to time. I’m totally jelous of all those delicious pictures you post 😉

    Food I loving lately is fruit and veggies. Spring time always leaves me craving fresh salads and natures candy – fruit. I told my sister the other day that I’d take fruit over sweets any day (the exceptions being dark chocolate of course;) )

    Enjoy the Easter weekend!

  3. Those are some good looking eats! Especially those veggies–I love spicy, so that sounds perfect. I’m excited to see what you come up with for eats! A nice kitchen and a little time off are both such great inspiration for getting back to cooking.

  4. Best thing I’ve eaten recently is without a doubt my home made hot cross buns! I love them and they tasted all the better for having been home made. Glad you conquered your fear of blood tests!

  5. That’s great you saw the person you need to for this situation and that they are now helping you out! Great new looking food Sophie (as usual 🙂 ) the hot cross buns…oh my does that sound sound good and the way you described the honey has me hankering for some now! haha
    Have a most lovely weekend!

  6. Whatever you’re taking the tramadol for, I hope it helps. I had to use it once for migraines… I don’t think it actually helped that much with the pain but it knocked me out so I got a good sleep!
    I’m jealous of your hot cross bun 🙂

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