Hey my lovely readers,

I’m so sorry I disappeared for so long! I have been a mixture of majorly busy, completely exhausted and in pain so just haven’t had the energy or the time to blog. I came back from uni on Friday evening and then for the last three days I’ve been at my singing course from 10am till 5.30pm so suffice to say I don’t really feel like I’m on holiday yet.

I was quite apprehensive about the course, usually I love it – I adore singing after all, but I was worried that I wouldn’t manage. I sort of did, bar a couple of little naps on the first two days, but it did bring to the forefront a lot of the difficult emotions I’d been feeling towards my condition. It just showed me how ill I’ve become, and that I just can’t do what other people my age can do.

I think what I was most upset at is the fact that the pain I was feeling affected my voice, affected my singing.

Until now I think that, despite whatever it is that is wrong with me causing quite bad cognitive difficulties, I’ve been in some denial about it being anything more than just something that impacts my physically in a direct way. It impacts everything.

My singing has always been something I’ve been able to hold onto, unlike my dancing.

I guess, just like with everything else, I’ll have to adapt and find ways of making it easier.

Sorry this is a brief, photoless and a bit miserable, I’m really not feeling at my best right now! And thank you for all of the lovely comments I’ve been getting on my posts lately, it means a lot to have the support 🙂

So tell me, what’s going on in your life right now?
What did you get up to at the weekend?
Is anything exciting happening this week? 



  1. I hope you feel better Sophie! I’m sorry to hear this but something positive will come of it and you’ll find ways to enjoy the things you love. I didn’t know you sang, though. I’ve always wished I could but I’m definitely toned deaf. I still sing though, when the music is so loud that no one (including myself) can even hear me 😛

  2. Oh friend I’m so sorry to hear that 😦 That pain must be so frustrating when it affects something you love.
    And I think it is SO cool you can sing! I can play the piano and clarinet but my singing is limited to the shower haha 😉

  3. I HATE THAT YOU”RE IN PAIN 😦 I wish I could take it away. I complain about my groin/hip everyday but then I think of you and try to smile. I love you girl! xo

  4. I really hope you’ll feel better soon! I’m so sorry to hear you’re in pain 😦 It’s awesome that you sing though! I wish I had the talent as well 😀

  5. Hi sweetie. I always said to my friends around me that I don’t know what I would do if I was told I’d never be able to dance again. I used to dance through all of life’s problems and it was an amazing outlet. I can’t imagine the pain you’re going through with your singing being affected – it sounds like your outlet…….I’m sending you monster hugs right now and wishing for you that the songbird in you will return with a flourish. Love xxxx

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