What I Ate Wednesday No.29 + Sleep Talk

Guess what day it is today! Of course, it’s Wednesday, which means it’s this time of the week again:

Thank you once more to the lovely Jenn for creating the fantastic world of WIAW! If you’re new to the scene, click on the link to find out more details about this weekly party 🙂

For me Wednesdays are sort of the unknown, I never know how they will go, whether I will start to crash or whether I’ll still have energy and not be in too much pain… (more on that later). But for now, my breakfast:

Wednesday’s mean a 9am start and my favourite lecture of the week. I used to get up at 8am when I had 9am starts but lately I’ve been trying to a) establish a more regular sleeping pattern and routine, and b) wake up earlier.

Why? Well I actually used to be a fairly early riser, a few years ago I’d wake up at 6.30am every weekday morning even though I didn’t need to be in school till 8.35am and my bike ride there was only 10 minutes long. Until this academic year in fact, I’ve never been a late riser. The only time I used to lie-in much was either if I’d had a really late night or if Tom was staying over – even then we’d wake up by 9am and then just be lazy for ages! The latest I’d ever really get up was about 9.30am. However, coming to uni and becoming much more ill, a combination of the fatigue, physical exhaustion from the pain and my medication has meant that I find it really difficult to get up in the morning.

But I hate wasting mornings. I don’t mind staying in bed for ages if I’m doing something or reading, but I hate sleeping in for hours and then not being ready till midday by which time half the day is already almost over. So I’ve decided that I am going to gradually move the time I wake up (and go to bed) a bit earlier. I’m just going to move early start days half an hour earlier, I don’t see the need to wake up before 7am at the earliest, and then on other days I want to make sure I get up by about 9am.

Anyway, moving on to lunch:

Now, everyday in my inbox I receive the Word of the Day from the Oxford English Dictionary Online. (I know I know, I’m a massive English Geek, what can I say!) and if it’s a word I didn’t know before then I save it.

The other day the word was ‘bouncebackability‘.

What a word. Did you even know that was one whole word? The spell-checker doesn’t even recognise it!

I think it is such a brilliant word. The OED definition is ‘The capacity to recover quickly or fully from a setback, bad situation, etc.’ This is something that I really feel as though I have. For the last few months I have had all sorts of things thrown at me, and many a difficult situation to deal with, and I feel like I have managed to recover and move past the negative side of things.

And I think it’s something that many of you wonderful bloggers have too 🙂 I never fail to be impressed by the lot of you, the way you handle some really difficult and sometimes upsetting situations with positivity and determination to grow and learn. You are, each and every one of you, absolutely amazing people!

Do you know what else has been amazing lately? The weather!

I have been going outside everyday to read and work because I love feeling the sun on my skin and being outside with nature (sort of). I mentioned the other day I bought some new wedges and I’m loving them in this weather. When my back feels good and strong I’ve been gradually wearing them in. They’re just what I wanted, elegant but still not very high (only about 2 inches), plus they’re cute!

Green grass too, to go with today’s WIAW theme 🙂

This afternoon I snacked on this deliciousness:

As I said at the start of this post, Wednesday evenings are often when I start to crash. I guess it’s because it’s the middle of the week, the energy I had from the rest over the weekend has started to wane and I’m usually quite sore after having had to walk uphill to my lecture. Today has been a struggle, mentally because I have lots of work and I’m starting to feel a bit stressed, and physically because I’m just exhausted. I’ve had a constant headache from the fatigue and my whole body feels like lead… However, I have actually managed to do some work! I have nearly all of my sources for my various essays which is great 🙂

Dinner tonight was pretty typical for me:

Courgettes, pan-fried with garlic, and Moroccan spiced couscous. Easy, quick, and simple!

Anyway I am going to say goodnight now, I have another early start tomorrow, I still have lots of work to do and I want to get lots of sleep!

Hope you’re all having a good week 🙂

What’s your sleep pattern like?
How many hours a night do you need to feel well rested and energetic?
Do you have ‘bouncebackability’?
What sort of a day is Wednesday for you? 



  1. I love the word “bouncebackability” – I think it’s something you have in spades.
    During the week I get up at 6am and go to bed somewhere between 9.30 -11pm. I would keep fairly similar hours at the weekend, but Peter’s schedule is completely different and he often keeps nocturnal hours. I think 7.5 hours is perfect for me.
    I love those wedges and your nails look gorgeous. My feet are shameful and are not ready for the summer!

  2. Bouncebackability is now my favorite word! 😀 I never knew it existed!
    I love the color of your toenail polish too, so classic and such a pretty compliment to the lush green grass!
    Hope you have a great rest of your day! ❤

  3. Bouncebackability is such a cool word! I didn’t even know it was a real word 😀 Love it! I usually get about 6.5 hours of sleep, sometimes even less. I do feel like I need a little bit more, but I can’t ever get myself in bed early enough and I gotta be out the door extremely early in the mornings.

  4. I have to wake up at 6:15 for school but during the weekends I sleep in to about noon. I usually stay up until 3-4 because everything happens at night! I’m such a night person but I do love to get my sleep. Mondays suck though cause I get like 2 hours of sleep since I’m used to staying up so late. I usually feel tired allll day until I finally lay down to sleep then I’m wide awake. I hate it! Anyway, all your eats look delicious. Especially your snack.. nutella? 🙂

  5. I have terrible sleeping patterns. As in, I sleep regularly–but regularly never enough. 10/11-4am is my usual pattern. Yup, 4am. And no, 5-6 hours on a regular basis is just not enough. But if you know how to tell my brain how to just STAY shut off a little longer, oh, I’d love to know. And those are some adorable wedges! And tasty looking crackers–what kind?

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