Only Love.

The post title is the name of a song I am obsessed with at the moment.

But it is also the way today has been and the way I feel right now.

Having Tom here is wonderful.

Firstly he wakes up super early to go for runs so I get woken up on his return with breakfast in bed 🙂

But it’s wonderful for a whole load of other reasons too.

Beautiful sunny walks around campus.

Iced coffee.

Or pint-sized cups of coffee for some people.

Beautiful strolls down by the lake.

Watching the geese and ducks flock to be fed.

Appreciating the gorgeous signs of spring.

And cooking a delicious dinner together.

It’s been a lovely day, it’s so nice to make the most of the gorgeous weather, especially when I have someone gorgeous to appreciate it with 😉

Hope you’re all having a fantastic week!

Did you have nice weather? How did you spend it?
What would be your ideal sunny weather activity be?
Anything planned for the week?




  1. We are having amazing weather today! It’s not scolding hot nor freezing cold and made my walk very enjoyable. I’m glad you had a great day with your boyfriend. Oh and I swear you guys are the cutest couple!

  2. We’ve been having lovely warm sunny weather lately, but it’s going to go back down to just above freezing this weekend, which should be a bit weird. I like to spend sunny days sitting outside, drinking iced Earl Grey and going for runs.

  3. 🙂 You two are so cute and I love that he brings you breakfast! Definitely a keeper! 😉

    Is that huge coffee in Costa? I once ordered the grande size and it was HUGE. It was like a meal in itself! 😉

    Ideal sunny activity is walking and then getting coffee or ice-cream!

    Hope you have more sunshine today!

    1. Oh thank you Jessica 🙂 Haha that’s what I thought 😛

      Yes it is the huge coffee in Costa! It was enormous!

      That’s my sort of ideal sunny activity! It sounds wonderful to me 🙂

  4. Ohh, you guys are as cute as ever! And it just sounds like you guys know how to do couple time right–all the relaxing/enjoying the little things together that you can–although, can I come third-wheel your dinner? Haha, looks delicious!

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