A Letter to… My Grandmother

Today is International Women’s Day. As I think that a lot (it’s got to be a majority!) or my readers are female I think this is particularly important to highlight.

Click here to find out about all of the inspirational things taking place and being developed. It’s definitely 100% something to support and get involved with. I don’t think I have to tell you that there is much to be done still to bring equality to our world.

So today, if you do nothing else, I urge you to celebrate all of the women in your life (including yourself if you are female!). Take a moment to stop and be proud of the women you care about, your sisters, your mother, your aunts, cousins, grandmothers, friends and role models. Celebrate the fact that being a woman is a wonderful thing, just as wonderful as being a man, and be proud of yourself.

Today, I want to celebrate a woman who is no longer a part of my life, but who I miss and think of often. My grandmother. My dad’s mother was a brilliant woman, she is very much missed by my family. So I thought it would be nice to write a letter to her as part of my Series of Letters.

The previous letters can be found here: 1, 2.


My dearest Grandma,

This is not an easy letter to write, the last time I saw you I was four years old. But, even then, I knew that you loved me.

I have so many little memories of you, they all blur and mix together, it’s difficult to know what happened when and which bits are true memory, which are prompted by photos and which are just figments of a toddler’s vivid imagination. There are some though, some that I know are 100% real. I treasure those memories.

I remember being really little and running around your garden, I remember that you and Grandpa were there, you took my down to the little stream that ran along the back of your garden, and I remember that you showed me your beautiful flowers. I particularly loved the snap dragons. We always had to go look at the snap dragon flowers after that. I remember you also told me that fuchsias were really little fairies with beautiful dresses. We had such fantastic imaginary stories, you and me. 

I remember the most special part of your garden too. I remember we used to go under the shelter of your wonderful lilac tree, I’d stand whilst you crouched. I remember looking up at the branches covered in sweet-smelling flowers and thinking this was the best place to come and hide in the whole world.

I remember staying the night for one of the first times ever and waking up in the night crying because I hurt all over. I’d somehow managed to develop chicken pox whilst at yours (I caught it off my best friend at nursery) and both you and Grandpa had to come and sit by the bed and comfort me for what seemed like hours before I would go back to sleep. 

I remember when you and Grandpa came to our house one evening and your presented me with the knitted pig you’d made me. It was almost half my size and so soft and cuddly. Piggy still lives in my room, he was undoubtedly one of the best presents anyone ever gave me and I know now how long you must have spent working on him, just for me.

I remember how we used to go to the park near your house, we’d go the three of us and play and we’d often stop at the little row of shops that were on the way. The memory that really sums up how I remember you is the time that you bought me my first ever sweets even though I wasn’t strictly speaking allowed. My parents had never given me anything like that, but you bought me a little bag of Dolly Mixtures and to this day, every time I eat Dolly Mixtures, I remember you Grandma!

I wish you could have seen me grow up, I wish my sister had had time to get to know you, I wish I could talk to you now. I know you would have been an amazing grandmother to us, my parents often tell me about the sort of person you were, generous, with a fiery Irish temper, good-humoured, loving… Apparently I look a lot like you did when you were younger – I like that. I wish I could have known you properly Grandma, I miss you.

We all miss you, especially my dad. We’re taking care of Grandpa for you!

I love you,

Your little Sophie xxx

{My Grandmother and me, May 1994}


I hope you enjoyed my letter. She is a figure of inspiration for me and I remember her extremely fondly.

So my message to you is simple. As I said, today is the day to celebrate women, so treasure the women around you, appreciate them, love them. Celebrate all women!



  1. Oh Sophie, this post is so beautiful! Definitely tearing up and thinking about my own grandmother who passed away a few years ago. Remembering is such a great way to celebrate–and to remind yourself that all you have to do to touch someone’s life is be there for them, love them and maybe knit a stuffed pig or two 🙂

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