(Almost) Wordless What I Ate Wednesday No.28.

Hello hello to all of you fabulous people!

Today, I am tired. (Surprised?)

So I am going to leave you with some photos of today’s food.

I’m off to finish my work and SLEEP.

Enjoy today’sΒ WIAW, thanks once again to the fantastic Jenn!

{Weetabix mush with frozen raspberries}

{Lunch of celery, seeded thins and a mini pot of red pepper flavoured hummus. I ate several more thins than are in this photo!}

{Went to buy books for my course at Blackwells and I maaay have got sidetracked by Costa and the lure of iced lattes}

{Snack time – Greek yogurt and yet more frozen raspberries}

{Vegetable Biryani that I cooked for my dinner tonight, enter aΒ very sore back! What you see around my dinner is the evidence that I worked and ate simultaneously tonight – your average student night ;-)}

Night lovelies!



  1. Your eats looks delicious. I love that photo of the yogurt with the raspberries. So pretty and delicious. Have a great day!

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