An Off One.

Hey my lovelies!

Sorry for my lack of post yesterday (if anyone cared :-P) I was just feeling pretty under the weather and generally quite stressed. These next few weeks are going to be crazy busy and having everything happen on top of the pain and fatigue, which is really starting to kick in, isn’t going to be easy. So if I sound grumpy or don’t post daily that is why!

I just have a lot to sort out for uni, I started physio today, I’ve upped the medication I’m trying for the pain to the maximum dose this weekend and it’s making me almost constantly dizzy as well as making my coordination awful which is stressful, I have to go to the doctors every other week at the moment, I have a group presentation this week, essays are starting to build…

Basically I’m just drained.

But enough of that. Lately I’ve realised that I spend the majority of my money on three things: food, books and going for coffee. I feel like I should care but if I’m honest, I don’t! I’ve saved up a fair amount of money considering I’ve barely done any paid work in my life and I can think of far worse things to spend my money on.

However, the spring ranges are starting to appear in shops and I want to save a little money to buy a couple of new pieces as the warmer weather slowly starts to arrive.

I though I’d share a few of the items I’ve got my eye on in Zara at the moment:

I love the blue tones of the ombre shirt and the white lace dress is just so pretty!

This morning I thought I’d make myself a good breakfast to start the week with.

I had a fairly early start this morning so I picked a breakfast I could prepare in advance to save time in the morning.

A bowl of chocolate overnight oats, with raisins and cranberries mixed in did just the trick. It was delicious, the oats were gooey and dense, the chocolate made it feel like a very indulgent start to my morning.

Plus it definitely filled me right up through my morning, I didn’t feel the need for more food till I got back at about 11am. Pretty good going if you ask me, especially as my morning involves an uphill cycle!

I cam home, made some phone calls, did some work and tidied my desk. My room, bathroom and my things in the kitchen are always very tidy but for some reason, I can never keep my desk tidy. There are always pieces of paper, notebooks, folders, lecture notes, pens, pencils, books, letters… Are any of your desks like that?

Lunch was a bit random, as I was heading home I grabbed a pot of Greek falafel and hummus and it made the perfect lunch on the go along with some celery.

It was probably the most spontaneous moment in my day – I know, I have an incredibly exciting life.

This afternoon I went off to physio for the first time in years. She was really friendly and approachable and I loved her attitude. She says that she is not there to deal with the condition but to deal with the symptoms. So she’s given me some strengthen exercises and some strict rules for my posture. Fingers crossed I manage!

After my afternoon lecture I grabbed my first iced coffee of the year(!) and came back to my room to work. I also snacked on a bowl of weetabix and banana but forgot to take a photo. I’m good at taking photos of my main meals but I’m useless at capturing snacks, I just never really feel like taking photos of every tiny morsel of food which passes my lips!

Dinner was a quick and easy affair:

My typical stir-fry of veg and quinoa. It’s quick, easy and healthy so it’s a winner with me. I also indulged with some dark chocolate after dinner.

All in all, despite the stress and the medication, it’s not been a bad day!

How was your Monday?
What’s your desk like, a mess or neat and tidy?
What’s your go-to quick and healthy dinner?




  1. On a mainly unrelated note, thank you for reminding me about Zara! My graduation outfit panic has just ended – I just need to find £80 from my tight budget for the items…
    If I had extra money, and was taller than 5’2″, I’d go for that teal dress. It’s so pretty and breezy! I’d also take it on holiday to Italy. Eventually.

    I hope you’re alright! I missed your post yesterday. Which is incredibly hypocritical of The Most Inconsistent Blogger in Glasgow. Ahem. x

  2. sigh….I can feel how exhausted you are just by your words. HUG 🙂 I hope everything unwinds for you soon. Maybe you should take 30mins and have a nice hot bath and a good cry tonight (that’s what I’d do) I hope everything gets better soon.

    and I love your picks from Zara….too pricey for me though 😉 mmmmmm falafel is my fav

  3. I’m having a bit of a rough week as well health wise – hope you feel better soon!

    Go to dinners for me are generally stir fries with brown rice and egg, or leftovers from home. But sandwhiches definitely happen from time to time 😉
    Have a great week!

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