8 Steps to a Relaxing Day.

1. Wake up when the alarm rings but stay in bed for at least another hour. Make a to-do list to free your mind for the day. Read more of your book.

2. Have a leisurely breakfast whilst reading a bit more.

3. Eventually get ready. Wash and style your hair. Do your make up carefully. Feel good.

4. Have lunch with a good friend. Drink a skinny vanilla spice latte (or other beverage of your choice). Eat healthy and delicious food. Chat for 3 hours.

5. Do some work, be productive, just get something on the to-do list done.

6. Take a relaxing Pilates class for an hour and a half. Leave feeling thoroughly stretched and relaxed.

7. Enjoy a nutritious dinner. And a little treat, preferably chocolate.

8. Go to bed early with a hot water bottle and your book.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Love you all ❤

What did you for Valentine’s?
What’s your ideal way to relax?
Anything exciting planned this week/weekend?

I’m going up to visit Tom this weekend which I’m majorly excited for! It’s definitely contributing to my good mood today 🙂



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