Finally Fit.

Warning: the title of this post is not strictly accurate.

Right now I am actually incredibly UNfit.

Basically life at uni makes it incredibly hard for me to do any real exercise as I’m in too much pain from the ordinary day-to-day life.


I plan on gently working on my fitness and gradually upping it until I’m at the fitness level I was at before uni.

If you can believe it, I used to go to the gym about three times a week and did strength or core work another three times a week! A far cry from where I am now, I haven’t been to the gym in weeks.

I was never enormously sporty when I was a child, I had practically no hand-eye coordination and hated ball sports. But I started dance aged three and carried on until I was fourteen years old. I still miss dancing but more than that, I reallyΒ miss being physically fit.

So things are going to change.

And you can all hold me accountable when I’m feeling no energy or love for working out. Because I know that when I do workout, I feel really good, both physically and mentally πŸ™‚

This morning I woke up after a lie-in, when my alarm first went off I was just too comfortable and warm in bed so I gave myself an extra hour of sleep. It felt really good to stay curled up in bed. I don’t always like to lie in because I think it wastes the day to stay in bed too long, however occasionally there is nothing better and today was one of those days!

I then had a leisurely breakfast so for once I had the time to photograph my breakfast:

I splashed out this weekend and bought myself some fresh blueberries, to be fair it was only Β£1 a punnet so it wasn’t actually thatΒ extravagant! For me there is nothing quite like having fresh fruit in the morning.

Then the rest of the morning was spent finishing off my essay whilst still tucked up in bed. What’s the point of sitting at my desk in the cold when I have so many cushions to prop myself up with? Plus I get really sore sitting up for too long so really it’s a win win situation πŸ™‚

The best bits about today though were non food related for once!

I spent over an hour having a chat with one of my lovely friends – it’s so nice to get closer to people here. I miss the closeness I have with my friends back home and it’s nice to start building up relationships where I actually develop trust in the other person. It was her birthday on Friday so I bought her the cutest little notebooks which I thought were super appropriate for an English Lit student:


Aren’t they cute? They’re little notebooks, quite tiny but perfect for writing quick little notes when out and about and they’re light and small enough to carry around easily. She seemed to really like them πŸ™‚

The other great bit about today was I have finally found a fitness friend! One of the lovely lovely girls who lives in my block wants to lose weight and seeing how I have too much lots of knowledge on fitness, food, losing weight etc we’ve decided to become gym buddies and are going to motivate each other which is great πŸ™‚

We’re going to take it slowly, she’s never used a gym before and my condition is a lot worse than it was back when I used to workout lots but it’s so nice to have someone to go with and share stories on fitness. It’s a lot more fun having someone to workout with occasionally!

Do you like to have lie-ins occasionally or are you an early riser without fail?
Do you prefer to workout on your own or with someone else?
What motivates you the most when it comes to fitness?




  1. That’s great you’ve found someone to go with, I’m sure that alone will get you there and that’s half the battle isn’t it! I love those notebooks. Actually, I just love notebooks lol. You sound so positive in this post, I like it! xxxx

  2. Slow and steady — you have the greatest mentality going into this. Cannot wait to follow you along. Keep focused and positive – you’re energy and motivation will be contagious!

  3. I’m totally unfit since Xmas !!! (but I’m actually really happy because I’m not worried or stressed about it, I just want to be fit again but I’m not obsessed with it ! ). I keep working out (and I’m pretty strong) but I gain a lot of fat lately lol.

    Im definitely an early riser (no matter when I go to bed!).

    You are so lcuky to have a workout friend ! I used to go with one of my bestfriends and I really loved it (gossips between sets are the bests !!). And I used to go with some of my guy-friends (really useful in the weight room !!!). It was so cool, I miss it. Now I’m going alone that’s why I go to classes (BodyPump, RPM) or when the trainer is around (so I can talk to someone :p)

    Btw you don’t look unfit, you look really healthy ! =)

    Before I forgot, I tagged you on my blog =)

    1. It’s great that you’re not stressing about it, that means you just regard it all positively πŸ™‚ I wish I was an early riser!

      Haha yes the gossip part is fun and I wish I had a guy to go to the weights room with, I find it way too intimidating to venture in! Your classes sound great though, I love exercise classes.

      Thank you so much πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Carrie – it means a lot to me coming from you Miss Super Fit! Yes that’s really true πŸ™‚ I need to be in the zone when I do strength but I quite like having a partner for cardio!

  4. Sophie you’re like I am – we look fit even when we’re not πŸ˜‰ I used to be like you too – abs, weights, gym, at home workout DVDs then when I fell into running I found I was too tired after a long run and on my rest days that I didn’t want to do anything else. Now that my millage is higher I’ve been forced to do strength b/c my weakness shows in pain and performance 😦 so I hear you. I am weak! I started doing this workout dvd and it is SOOOO hard….like I literally can’t sit down today hahaha

    PS: so happy that you found a fitness buddy!!

    1. Haha yes that’s definitely how I am! You should have seen me sweating away after only 10 mins on the elliptical πŸ˜› I wouldn’t worry, you’re running is so impressive! You must have really fantastic stamina πŸ™‚
      Thank you!!

  5. It’s great that you’ve found a gym buddy! I like running with my club for the company and I used to love going to classes.
    Left to my own devices I’m always an early riser, but Peter would get up in the afternoon if he could, so we try and compromise and I lie-in a little more at the weekends.

  6. I love that everyone loves the fact you’ve found a fitness friend…oh yeah, that’s me! haha It was brilliant the other day, thinking of maybe going on friday afternoon? are you free? I’ll ring you tomorrow! Really loving this blog soph, speak soon xxx

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