Today I Am Thankful.

Today I am thankful…

For my wonderful snow boots. I am so so grateful that my mum persuaded me to get some snow boots this year. Even though we only get a few days of snow a year I feel like it’s one of the best clothing investments I’ve ever made. It’s made walking around campus in the snow so much more comfortable as I’m not scared of falling with each step I take. They are so warm and comfortable too πŸ™‚

For the understanding my tutor has shown me. I had some complications, mostly through my own fault but at the same time because of a difficult situation and my tutor was really understanding and gave me a little extension. She was really kind about it and I’m so thankful for all the support the English department at my university has given me this year. I don’t think I would have made it this far with it.

For my mother. Today my mother did something really brilliant for me (I can’t tell you what it is right now as it’s not sorted out but I promise I’ll reveal all soon!). This year I really have come to appreciate my mum, she is always there for me and genuinely wants the best for me. I’m also really lucky that we have such a strong relationship, even though we can have some fiery arguments we also have a lot in common and I enjoy spending time with her. Some of my friends really don’t get on with their mothers and hearing about their relationships makes me appreciate mine all the more!

For my ability to walk. Having to trudge through the snow today and walk instead of cycle up the hill to the doctor’s today has made me take the time to reflect on how lucky I am. My pain and fatigue may affect every single moment of my life but there are so many people out there who have it much much worse than me. Who cares if every step I take hurts and brings me closer to exhaustion, at the end of the day that highlights the most important thing: I can still WALK. I have a couple of friends at uni who are wheelchair-bound and seeing the snowy and icy paths made me worry for them, would they be able to get out and actually get around? This made me think, I could be in a wheelchair, I could be SO much worse.Β At least I can still put one foot in front of the other and actually walk. I AM lucky.

Today has been difficult, most days are at Β the moment but I am so so thankful for everything that I do have. I’ve spent nearly all of the day working and I feel good that I have. I only stopped to go to a lecture in the morning, to go to the doctors and for a coffee break with a friend. I have had one treat to help me through the day though: Nutella! I haven’t had any in weeks and weeks and this weekend I bought a small pot on a whim. I have to say Nutella is always a difficult one for me because if there is any food that I tend to overeat with it is this. However I only plan on buying this one pot and I’m just enjoying it instead of feeling any guilt about it. Go me πŸ˜›

Wholemeal toast with Nutella and sliced bananas. Seriously a delicious combination!

I have some good news too, Β the doctor is trying me on a new pain medication so fingers and toes crossed that it works!!

It was also really nice to go out for coffee. I haven’t had any of my lattes (I know – it’s another indulgence) in quite a while and so today I made up for it and had two πŸ˜› I know they’re expensive but I’m super careful with my money so once in a while it doesn’t hurt.

There’s a lovely cafe only 10 minutes away and it does the most delicious hazelnut and cinnamon lattes πŸ™‚ We sat in huge leather armchairs, people-watched and just caught up on life as I haven’t seen her since before Christmas! She’s a lot of fun to be with and we always find all sorts of weird and wonderful topics of conversation.

Anyway I’m off to bed as I want to make an early start tomorrow to finish my essay so night world!

What are you thankful for today?
Do you have a food that you just can’t say no too?
Are you a coffee or a tea drinker?




  1. Aw, love this! It’s always nice to reflect and see what other people and yourself are truly thankful for. I’m thankful for cooking! For real, I don’t know what my life consisted of without it. Oh and I could never, ever pass up Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter. Even though it cost $10 and I can eat a whole container in a week! haha

  2. It’s good to remember what you are thankful for =) Positive thinking !

    I’m thankful because my cat slept with me last night :p (sounds like nothing but I love it !!)

  3. this is a really nice post. i relate to you so much (not just in this post, but in most of them!). it’s lovely to hear you listing the things you appreciate- i think people should try and do that more often, because people can really take things for granted.
    also, i know exactly what you mean about nutella.. i don’t buy it for the same reasons. in answer to your 3rd question.. it’s coffee all the way for me!

    1. Oh thank you, that’s really lovely of you to say πŸ™‚ I definitely agree with you, people (including me) can easily take things for granted and forget how lucky they are really! Haha I can’t help it, it’s addictive πŸ˜›

  4. First of all that latte look delicious – I’m jealous that you have such a nice cafe close by!
    I really like this post – I think it’s important to remember what we have to be thankful for. You certainly made me think about moaning about the snow and ice – I am able to get out and about fine, whereas there are lots of people who must truly dread this kind of weather in ways that I can understand.
    I love my snow boots too – the best money I have ever spent.

  5. This post is so lovely! I started keeping a little ‘gratitude diary’ at some point last year but I forgot all about it after a week or so. I might start again. It sounds so corny but even on the worst days, forcing yourself to find something, anything to be thankful for can make such a difference. It’s awesome that your tutor is so understanding and accommodating – I know people who had a really hard time getting their tutor to make any compromises for any kind of personal problem, so it’s great that yours are so good about it πŸ™‚

    Today I’m thankful for a great volunteering opportunity, and a great meal cooked by my dad and eaten with my family.

    A food I can never say no to would have to be cheese! We currently have some cambozola brie in the fridge and I can’t be near it without having to eat some. Dangerous stuff!

    I drink both tea and coffee like it’s going out of style.

    1. Thank you lovely πŸ™‚ That’s such a good idea, I like the idea of writing a sentence a day, or maybe three points at the end of each week. I completely agree, it’s a really good way of helping yourself to have a positive attitude!

      Yes I know, I’m really lucky that they are so understanding here! Absolutely nothing like my old Sixth Form!

      Oh you’re going to start volunteering? I can’t wait to hear where and what you’ll be doing πŸ™‚ Volunteering is definitely a good way of having a brilliant experience and making yourself feel positive.

      Haha, I’m not really a cheese person πŸ˜›

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