A Heavy Dusting and an Attitude Adjustment.

Usually when it snows I have a tendency to sulk. You see, snow and I don’t really get on all that great. I’m essentially stuck inside when it snows.

I hate not being able to walk well at the best of times because frankly it’s terrifying, I could fall at any moment which would be horrendous, the pain would spike for days and I hate to think how inflamed my lower back would be. Plus I don’t know if you’ve noticed but when there is snow on the ground you tend to walk differently, either a sort of trudge when it’s particularly deep, or else more of a shuffle to avoid slipping on the hard, compacted ice. Either way, it really hurts.

But this morning when I lay in the warmth of my bed and I peered out of my curtains, I didn’t get cross. Yes there was about half a foot of snow where it hadn’t been walked on (and scary looking ice where dozens of feet had pressed it down) but I wasn’t in a rush. I got ready at a leisurely pace and enjoyed my breakfast whilst thinking about the lovely walk I was going to have on the way to church.

I knew that the roads had been gritted the morning before so I could walk where there was no ice. And I couldn’t wait to see the beautiful campus covered in a heavy dusting of snow.

I wrapped up incredibly warm, my enormous knitted snood around my neck and the essential part of my outfit: myย snow boots!

Whereas out on the fields the snow is about half a foot deep, on the paths the snow has been compacted down to hard, almost icy ground so I was incredibly pleased to have my boots or I fear I would have slipped several times.

But the scenery more than made up for the ice…

The lake had almost completely frozen over, each individual tree branch was coated in snow and all around there were families playing, sledging and building snowmen.

It was a magical walk.

Everything looked beautiful and somehow, in that ten minute walk back from church, something changed in me. I found a sort of peace and I let go of a lot of the stress I had been carrying around with me.

It’s strange really, there I was, limping through the snow, balancing my camera with one hand and my cane in the other, and I was tired. But I really didn’t notice, or actually care much. I just felt like there was so much to beย grateful for, so much to appreciate in this life. No matter what might happen and which decisions I have to take, I am so thankful to have been blessed with this opportunity, and I am so glad that I have had this year learning to be independent and going to uni away from home.

I know that, despite my physical struggles and limits, I am really lucky ๐Ÿ™‚

Home from Mass I had a lovely warming lunch to give me some strength for the afternoon:

A bowl of spicy butternut squash and sweet potato soup with a side of The Picture of Dorian Gray. I’ve been meaning to read it for a long time and it’s this week’s modern lit text – I’m really enjoying it so far.

I’ve been curled up in my room and working on my essay all afternoon and it’s been a pretty productive work day thanks to my boosted attitude. Even though I took a nap this afternoon because my body is feeling very drained at the moment, I’ve felt a lot better today. I’m trying really hard to just enjoy life and make the most of my time here. My only wish at the moment is that I was a little moreย able-bodied, I used to love going for long, reflective walks and I miss being able to do that. Oh well!

After my long afternoon of reading, researching and note-taking I made myself a delicious pan of ratatouille. It’s the first time I’ve cooked something that takes longer than ten minutes since being back at uni and all of the vegetable chopping was really quiteย therapeutic.ย Plus it tasted gorgeous on top of some whole-wheat spaghetti:

It’s been a really lovely weekend and I am feeling much better than I was last week. Ready to start the new week feeling fresh and (more or less)ย energized!

I hope you’ve all had a fantastic weekend too ๐Ÿ™‚

Has it snowed where you are? Do you enjoy the snow?
Have you done anything exciting this weekend?




  1. I believe where I am in England is the only place it hasn’t snowed! I am relieved though, because I, too, don’t really like it (practically, not aesthetically).

  2. oh gosh, your scenery is gorgeous! – I lovee snow, it makes me happy ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s not even close to snowing where I am (i’ve secretly been hoping all winter that it would though…) but today temperatures dropped a bit and its currently in the 40s F.
    I’m glad to hear you’ve been having a good weekend! And your ratatouille + spaghetti looks delish!!

  3. I was glad of the lack of snow and relative cold in Glasgow, until I saw your photos. However, I live on top of a hill that doesn’t get gritted, so maybe I’ll remain thankful! Butternut squash and sweet potato soup is my speciality, I love the happy orange colour.

    Your ability to look past your pain and appreciate little moments in life is wonderful, a reminder to your readers to look beyond themselves.

    1. I’d still be glad if I were you ๐Ÿ˜› It’s so icy here at the moment! Oh well I wish I could have some of yours then, I much prefer homemade soup. Thank you so much Danielle, that means a lot ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Aw, I’m so glad you found peace during your walk! I always remind myself not to worry about something that hasn’t happened yet and it really helps when I’m having anxiety about future events or what have you. Regardless, I’m glad you found the positive through it all ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I love all these pictures and your eloquent writing style. sigh.

    I am right with you, I don’t like snow. I hate the cold too. I am loving our calm winter.

  6. Maybe you don’t like walking on the snow but I’m glad you did : your pictures are wonderful !!

    I like the snow but I hate the cold weather : I have Raynaud’s disease so my fingers and toes become white, blue (a lot of strange colors) and it’s painful so usually I stayed inside lol

  7. Beautiful post, my friend!

    It snows a lot here, and it always has so I’m terribly used to it…this winter has been a bit of a disappointment though…

  8. Beautiful snow fall! So glad you could get out and enjoy it–it really is so peaceful and calming to be out in fresh snow. Or so I remember. Since it hasn’t snowed here this winter except for one light dusting that didn’t blanket the ground. Good looking ratatouille, looks like perfect snowy day food!

  9. Love those pictures of the snow. They look beautiful! There wasn’t any snow where I live this year. It was actually really hot for winter yesterday, high in the 70!

    I read the picture of dorian gray back in high school when I had to do a book project about it. I enjoyed the book.

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